Codoid software testing company has been a strategic testing partner for various organizations. We have helped organizations new to Agile in the following areas: Agile Test Strategy, Agile Test Approaches, Exploratory Testing, Functional Testing, Test Automation and more. We specialize in market leading software testing tools.

Functional Automation Testing

Codoid’s Functional Testing Services ensure Acceptance tests validations and focus on the end-user functionalities which are defined…

ETL Testing Services

Comparing volume of data manually is not viable and again testing sample set of data does not improve quality & limits test coverage. It is impossible to do ETL manual re

Performance Testing

Performance testing solutions & services ensure your product is not affected by the unexpected increase in the load. we have done performance testing using JMeter & Gatling.

SOA and Web Service Testing

Companies choose SOA for increased business agility, streamlined workflows, enhances reusability, supports great architecture, and more importantly, for its ability