We are a preeminent provider of Testing Services and Solutions to help transform your Testing Capabilities. Specialized in market leading software testing tools and our mission to helping our clients achieve significant performance improvements and optimized effectiveness, Our Automation experts have been working on Customized & Managed Software Testing services & implementing our very own Testing accelerators or Solutions to various enterprise applications and platforms to provide automated testing.

Functional Automation Testing

Codoid is specialized in providing software automated testing services. Our test automation solution is unique and sustainable. We have automated different types of appli

ETL Testing Services

Comparing volume of data manually is not viable and again testing sample set of data does not improve quality & limits test coverage. It is impossible to do ETL manual re

Performance Testing

Have you ever loaded or stressed your app with 10,000 concurrent users? In terms of performance, we encourage our customers to check system’s speed, scalability, and stab

Framework Development

We are passionate about automation and know how to create a new framework from scratch and enhance an existing one.Why do we need to create a framework? Why can’t