A download of mobile app testing: sample test cases & scenarios

So how does one test new mobile apps? Test cases/scenarios can be conducted based on your mobile testing requirements. These cases are organized based on Agile, mobile testing types, and developers are expected continuously to find and eradicate user-critical bugs. The constant operating system (OS) upgrades, new device additions, and localization need more efficient mobile app test cases that can help the QA team to uncover problems that can impact the user experience.

Test cases vs. Test scenarios

Without test cases, it's challenging to track, understand, and resolve quality issues, especially if you're using an agile and continuous software development life cycle to streamline the launch and deployment of your products. The smartphone scene is quickly developing as new devices, and OS get launched. Developers endeavor to stay abreast of the technological revolution by delivering new apps to the public soon. Mobile application testing has, therefore, become more complex and challenging. Mobile Apps center around the functionality that gives a user a superior experience, so any errors identified could lead to a derailment in the success of the app.

mobile app test cases

In case you need to check iOS and Android application stability, you should employ the Mobile App test cases/scenarios to signify a good rating. There are many test cases to conduct, and below is an exhaustive list 30 such cases to consider when preparing a software testing strategy:

Functional testing

Performance testing

Battery usage testing

Usability Testing

Compatibility testing

Security testing

Localization testing

Recoverability testing

Regression testing

UI related testing

Carriers testing

Network connectivity testing

In-app purchase workflow testing

Device testing

Load testing

Monkey testing

Integration testing

Installation/uninstallation process testing

Accelerometer testing

GPS functionality testing

Data consumption testing

Time zone testing

Hardware connectivity testing

Social networking integration testing

Laboratory testing

Syncing issue testing

Certification testing

Restrict permission testing

Compatibility with browser testing

Multi-touch/single touch testing

Here are some practical tips while conducting Mobile App testing, and test scenarios are the easiest ways to test complicated systems. The following tips can help prepare optimal test cases/scenarios.

Design a simple test scenario that is easy to understand.

Focus on the project methodology instead.

Test cases are run based on customer concerns.

Learn through observation and derived results.

In conclusion

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