Automation Testing Tools We Use

We at Codoid use various automation testing tools. In this blog article, we would like to share the tools that we use and why. As a Test Automation Services Company, using multiple test automation tools/libraries has become inevitable for us to address automation testing challenges. If you don't know how to use a tool, then your output will be a mess. In-depth knowledge of various automation testing tools is must to deliver high quality automated test scripts. Let's see the tools we use for automation testing.

Web Application Automation Testing

For web application automation testing, we use Selenium WebDriver & Protractor. Python, Java, C#, and JavaScript are the programming languages which are predominantly used to write test automation scripts. To enable effective collaboration with the clients' SPOC, Gherkin steps are written using Cucumber and Behave BDD frameworks. Our Automation CoE Team suggests Selenium best practices periodically to produce quality automated test scripts.

Automation Testing Tools We Use

Desktop App Test Automation

To automate desktop app test cases, we use White Framework and Test Complete. White Framework is an open source library to automate desktop applications. Automating a desktop application using White Framework is no cake walk. It requires in-depth knowledge on White Framework, Win32 API, and C#. As an automation testing company, we have helped our clients to automate their Desktop test cases using both White Framework and Test Complete.

Mobile App Automation Testing

For mobile app automation, the best choice is Appium. Once the automated test scripts are ready for mobile app test cases, we run them on cloud real-devices using BrowserStack and Kobiton platforms.

Big Data Automation Testing

Firing all the validations SQL queries manually on daily basis is a boring task for a tester. We have setup an automation testing framework using Python and LemonCheeseCake library to compare source and target data. If your team needs any help in automating data quality validations, contact us to explore our test automation solution.

In Conclusion

The most apt automation testing tools will invariably lead to successful test automation. As a leading software testing services company, automation testing is one of our core services. continuous learning and following up automation best practices help us to deliver robust test automation suites to our clients efficiently

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