Clicking WPF Button

We can automate Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications using QTP with WPF-Addin. But is it possible to automate without addin? Yes, it is possible. Microsoft launched System.Windows.Automation class with .Net 3.0 Framework. This is also called UI Automation class in .Net. Using this class we can automate WPF applications.We will see how to automate a WPF application using UI Automation class and QTP DOT Net Factory in the forthcoming articles. First, we start by clicking a WPF button. I have used the below ExpenseIt Standalone WPF application for this implementation.  



From this article you have learnt how to click a WPF button. Using Microsoft UI Automation API, we can automate WPF applications.   Note: This implementation can be done from .Net 3.0 Framework onward.

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