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Codoid's Game Testing Services ensure your games work well across platforms including desktop, console, mobile devices, and tablets. The most talked about game in 2016 would probably be “Pokemon Go”. There is a survey that says – playing Pokemon Go helps you lose weight! Well, that’s a surprise ‘Value’ you benefit from besides the expected entertainment features.

A little thought on “What differentiates different games and game providers” would probably touch upon crucial aspects including – Time to Market, Act upon User feedback & Regular Updates/Releases. You can easily fit in modern software engineering practices to Game development. Be it Waterfall or Agile. The development team is divided into smaller units that manage some aspect of the delivery, namely – Creativity & Graphics, Programming, Usability, QA /Testing, etc.

With so many pieces going in, it also becomes equally important to have effective test cycles, so that the end user receives a product with great quality.

The statistics talk volumes on the growth of Gaming software.

  • 1. About 150+ million Americans play games regularly (this means, 3-4 hours per week)
  • 2. American video gaming sales (non-digital) stayed consistent in 2015 with $ 13+ billion
  • 3. There are more than 2.5 billion video gamers from all over the world.
  • 4. The video games market is expected to be worth over 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

Let’s look at some of the key trends in the past few years

  • 1. Industry giants focus on interpreting player behavior and tweaking the experience accordingly
  • 2. We witnessed a rise in mid-level independent developers, smaller budget production houses on the rise, Availability of technology, Funds/Investments flowing in for startups, No shortage of creativity or talent
  • 3. Mobile market has been dominating, with many apps developed and hosted on various mobile OS /devices
  • 4. Players transform into Creators and Producers! – The gaming has realized the entertainment value by getting the developers and gamers altogether
  • 5. A study published in the Forbes magazine starts that – the Gaming industry is and will be experiencing an unprecedented growth that is valued to $ 82 billion by 2017

Mobile Game Testing

Like any software test life cycle, the Game Tester is responsible for checking the game works correctly (right from the installation and initial configuration), is Easy to use, Write accurate and detailed bug reports. Most times, testers are assigned for the complete development life cycle, so that Test cases can be written early on and an Acceptance criteria is set.

With the mobile apps development on the rise, especially mobile games, in proportion to the smartphone sales, it’s worth-while to deep-dive into some of the fundamentals in mobile app testing.

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Test early and often

Does it sound Agile? Yes, indeed. Look at splitting testing into smaller units. Testers can look at opting a data-driven approach. And developers can work with testers and take a Test-driven approach during code construction.

Game expert in QA team

Imagine you have a go-to person in your QA team who understand the intricacies of what’s happening inside? That certainly helps architect your test cases to match the specification or user experience.

Increase efficiency

Remember you were waiting for the latest release/pack of your favorite game just because you wanted a new avatar or wanted to play on a new terrain? Yes, we are talking about frequent build/release that may span weeks or just days. To accommodate this, it’s essential to automate Testing and save time.

Components that testers emphasize on while testing Games

  • 1. Packaging, Ease to download, install, Register
  • 2. Navigation, Menu, Options, Help, Action Key Configuration /gamepad
  • 3. Art (Characters, texture, terrain, primary objects, background objects, frame)
  • 4. Animation, Sound effect, Music
  • 5. Camera and camera angle – Zoom in/out, replay
  • 6. Game flow, logic structure
  • 7. Scenes, Levels of difficulty, Conditions to advance to next levels
  • 8. Player attributes (aspects like avatar, etc.)
  • 9. AI (Artificial Intelligent) logic
  • 10. Scoring, Saving the levels /scores
  • 11. Multi-player feature
  • 12. Battery /CPU utilized, other system resources like Memory, does the game hang /crash?
  • 13. Usability / User experience
  • 14. User interactions and responsiveness
  • 15. Security

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