How to integrate Jira with Serenity BDD

JIRA is a popular issue tracking system that is also often used for Agile project and requirements management. Many teams using JIRA store their requirements electronically in the form of story cards and epics in JIRA. Updating executed automation BDD scenarios status in Jira story is an essential feature. We will see how to integrate Jira with with Serenity BDD.

Step-1: Add Maven DependencyAdd the below Maven dependencies in POM.XML


<dependency> <groupId>net.serenity-bdd</groupId> <artifactId>serenity-jira-plugin</artifactId> <version>1.1.2-rc.1</version> </dependency>

Step-2: Add jira Credentials in

Please note that the above mentioned jira.project value is Jira Project Key.

Step-3: Add Issue Tag in Feature file

Scenario: Sample Scenario for Jira reporting
Given I login into the application
When I add a product in the cart
Then I should see the added product in the cart

Note: In the feature file, you need to tag the scenarios to be reported in Jira in the following format @issue:#<Jira Ticket Number>. You have already mentioned your Jira project key in Serenity properties file. Just provide the ticket number as shown in the above BDD scenario and don't prefix the project key.

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