JMeter WebDriver Sampler

In this blog post, we will show you how to setup JMeter WebDriver Sampler. Before that let’s understand why we need the WebDriver Sampler. Ensuring software product quality involves both functional and non-functional testing. For non-functional testing, our focus is more on load and performance testing. Gatling and JMeter are widely used open-source performance testing tools.

In JMeter, we have WebDriver Sampler. Why do we need Selenium webdriver in JMeter? Using JMeter HTTP sampler, you can measure server response time. However, Selenium webdriver sampler leverages to measure the end user load time. Let’s see how to setup WebDriver Sampler in JMeter.

Download & Launch JMeter
  • Download JMeter for the
  • Launch JMeter
    Download JMeter Plugin Manager
    Download plugins-manager.jar and put it into lib/ext directory, then restart JMeter.
    JMeter WebDriver Sampler Installation
  • Open Plugin Manager
  • JMeter WebDriver Sampler
  • Select and Install the Sampler
  • Click Available Plugins, select Selenium/WebDriver Support and click ‘Apply Changes and Restart JMeter’ button. Software Performance Testing Services
    Create WebDriver Sampler
    1) Right click on Test Plan and click Add->Threads(Users)->Thread Group 2) Right click on Thread Group and click Add->Sampler->Webdriver Sampler Software Testing Service Provider We hope this article is helpful. In the subsequent posts, we will show you how to write scripts in the sampler editor.

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