Managed Testing Services


New technologies, increase in customer demands, and a volatile market within the realm of Information Technology, has increased the demands on and expectations of the IT teams manifold and in a nonpareil manner, leading them flustered. This is where Managed Testing Services (MTS) from us, a renowned and expert company would prove indispensable in provide an accurate testing environment, addressing any challenges faced by the business within this realm, and help companies achieve optimized business results. Through our Managed Testing Services (MTS), your business would benefit from proven and verified contemporary testing processes that leverage the knowledge of our experts and our global delivery model.

Managed Testing Services
Revolutionize the Testing Function within your Business

Our Managed Testing Services (MTS) are holistic and customized, ensuring that your business achieves the highest quality effectively and within set timelines and budgets. This means that you rid your business of quality issues, large expenses in the form of overheads, and remain in control without the hassles of the day-to-day accountabilities. Leave the worrying to us and enjoy sustainable and tangible benefits.

Managed QA Services
  • Our methods can help to significantly reduce your overall cost of testing
  • Your business will see tangible and measurable improvements including prevention of severe defects and lowered turnaround of ‘go to market’ timelines
  • We work with your in-house teams and help to transfer skills and knowledge, thereby enhancing the capabilities and quality across your company
A Full-range of Managed Testing Services

Given our experience and expertise, you can safely outsource all types of testing to us including automated and manual, functional, performance, usability, compatibility, security, and API testing, website, mobile devices, desktop, data warehouse testing, and faster go to market initiatives. Working with us, your business will do away with the worry and need of an in-house specialized department, and with a robust SLA in place, you would have the assurance of a better quality, timeliness, and budget adherence. The responsibility of each step of the testing would be managed by us, and you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of effective resource utilization, and top quality products with lower costs.

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