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Mobile Application Case Study

Mobile App Testing Case Study

47 percent of apps need more time for testing

Project Overview

Our Client is a Multi-billion dollar global MNC in the field of storage, handling, forwarding, chartering and other logistics services. They have an online platform which allows the customers and their financial banks to ease & secure access, to manage their business with connected client’s Warehouses.

The requirement was to automate the client’s application to reduce manual regression testing effort for both Web & Mobile apps.

While automating we had some serious page loader issues which led the server to trigger HTTP requests multiple times, due to which the performance of the application was severely impacted. Some of the functionalities faced timestamp errors.


Since we replaced manuals with Automation, the functionalities were instantly tested and the products were ready to market in no time. Repetitive tests were reduced from weeks to hours. Developers fixed the performance issues by doing few tweaks in the server. Overall, both the Apps(Web & Mobile) were made more stable & robust.

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