Cypress vs Selenium - Codoid
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S. No.FeatureSeleniumCypress
1Programming LanguagesSelenium has client bindings for following languages C#, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript and etc.JavaScript
2PricingFreeFree for up to 3 users & 75 USD per month for 10 users
3Browsers SupportedChrome Edge IE Firefox Safari Opera HeadlessEdge Chrome Firefox Electron
4Video RecordingSelenium is a web browser automation tool. You can bring execution recording using your test automation framework, but not using Selenium.Cypress has an in-built feature for video recording.
5ScreenshotsPage-level and element-level screenshots can be captured using the TakeScreenshot method.By default, screenshots are taken for failures and embedded into test results. If you want to take inside the script at any point, you can use cy.screenshot() command.
6Jira & Slack IntegrationNo. You need to write your own utilities to integrate Jira & Slack.Yes
7Testing LibrariesYou can use any testing libraries based on client bindings support.Cypress supports only the following JavaScript testing libraries - Mocha, Chai, Chai-jQuery, and Sinon-Chai.
8ReportingSelenium does not have in-built reporting libraries. You need to integrate some external reporting tools like ReportPortal or Allure Reporting.Cypress has a comprehensive reporting dashboard that can make the test results visible to the entire team.
9Open-source/Freeware/CommericalOpen-sourceCypress Dashboard is a commercial tool. Test Runner is open-source
10Load BalancingNoCypress will automatically balance your spec files across the available machines in your CI provider.