Test Automation Pilot Project

Before starting an automation test project to automate regression test suite and end-to-scenarios, a pilot project will give one a much needed confidence and helps to design test automation framework with all the required features. In this blog article, we would like to through some light on all the key areas an automation testing team needs to focus during a test automation pilot project.

Test Automation Pilot Project

Automation Testing POC

Ensure that you conduct automation testing proof of concept nevertheless you have an expert team with vast experience in test automation. The proof what you are going to collect is for the software under test not for your team.

Test Automation POC steps:

Identify critical test scenarios.

Choose a right tool.

Setup an automation testing framework with basic features.

Write POC test scripts.

Capture the challenges faced during POC.

Execute the developed automated test scripts on the recommended browsers and devices.

Demonstrate the POC to the management team and stakeholders.

As a final step, publish the POC report.

Identify a subset of Regression Test Suite

Test Automation POC is a checkpoint. If you have got a positive outcome from the proof of concept, then proceed with the next steps. As an automation testing company, we have seen successes in automation testing after conducting POCs and pilot projects. As a next step, identify a subset of Regression Test Suite for the pilot project.

Automation Testing Framework Design

This is a vital step. You need a test automation architect to design a framework which has all the required features to ease automation script development. When you design a test automation framework, ask the following questions yourself:

How and where am I going to manage Feature files/automated test scripts?

Test Data File formats?

How to implement framework to automate Web app, Mobile App, and Desktop App?

How to use Automation Patterns?

What are all the preliminary variables required in framework configuration file?

How does the framework report the failures with screenshots?

How to collect test automation metrics?

How to run a script with multiple test data?

How to handle API automation testing?

A good framework eases script development and enable effective collaboration.

Automate the identified test cases for the pilot project

Start automating the identified test cases for the pilot project. Execute the automated test scripts multiple times and make the reports visible to management and stakeholders. A well-planned pilot project gives a sound foundation for automation. If your scripts are not producing false positives and negatives after several executions, you can confidently proceed with full regression test suite automation.

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