The need for testing the IoT (Internet of Things)

While IoT has a positive impact on making our lives easier, it will also need Organizations pay close attention to security, risk, design and architecture of their products and testing. The IoT and related infrastructure are all centered around the goal to provide Human Experience at its best, be it your home appliances, Workplace, Shopping, etc. The human-machine interactions have evolved beyond just keystrokes to capture touch, motion, and emotions. Unlike normal applications, IoT applications are characterized by unique factors, such as –
  • Combination of hardware, sensors, connectors, gateways and software.
  • Real-time stream analysis / complex event processing
  • Support for data volume, veracity, volume and variety.
  • Visualization of large scale data
  •   The main challenges faced by Organizations exploiting IoT are –
  • Too frequently changing or disruptive technology
  • Talent availability in the market to develop and support the ever changing technology
  • Managing the risk of immature technologies and the vendors providing them
  • Enterprises across the globe are rapidly developing, migrating and rolling out IoT enabled products into the market.
  • IoT has a very Dynamic environment where millions of sensors and various devices work in conjunction with intelligent software.
  • Creating and maintaining a Test environment to validate functionality, scalability, and reliability.
  • Privacy and Security Concerns
  •   Given the complex architecture of IoT systems, mandate several types of testing that will touch all components. Some of the important testing areas are –
  • End user application testing
  • Performance, Real time testing
  • Network impact testing, including Edge testing (to check sufficient bandwidth, capability, etc.)
  • Security testing
  • Human experience testing

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