Third Party Selenium Client Bindings

We know that there are multiple Selenium Client bindings available to automate web applications using different programming languages and the client binding list is already available in SeleniumHQ website. In this blog article, we have listed the third party Selenium client bindings which are not known to many.

CrystalSelenium Webdriver bindings for the Crystal programming language.

GoThe most complete, best-tested WebDriver client for Go

C++A C++ client library for Selenium Webdriver. BEWARE! This code has never been in production, uses very old dialect of C++ and is not maintained. It could be, theoretically, used as a starting point for a new development, but definitely not as a production-ready library.

RustA Rust Client for the Selenium webdriver (WIP)

JuliaThis is a wrapper around Selenium WebDriver's python bindings. It can be used to write web-browser interaction tests in Julia.

Common LispAsh is a Selenium client for Common Lisp. It was written against the Selenium 2.x JSON wire protocol.

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