Tips to Improve your QA operations

As the app grows bigger and bigger, the more QA resources are needed at disposal. Nevertheless it's not fixing the quality related issues. The crux of the issue is not lack of resources, you have the right budget and resources in hand. The issue is lack of strategy in implementing the right QA operations to scale" Many a times outsourcing too results in subpar performance. Spending exorbitant money, resources and effort at a quality issue without adopting the right strategy will have adverse effects on the outcome. Read on to the blog article to avoid making such a costly mistake and find out our recommendations to improve your QA operations.

QA operations

Take ownership of QA internally

Having more QA professionals at disposal wont reap anticipated benefits, on the contrary assigning ownership to someone internally will reap great benefits once your QA process is implemented. Ideally even after outsourcing every other function of your QA services, you need someone hands on to formulate a rock solid strategy and to do the overall software testing efficiently.

Consolidate your QA & Development Resources

Always on the lookout for opportunities to bring your QA team in synchronisation with the development process and development team for better outcome. “The more you bring your QA team involved into the development process and have them share their timely feedback the quicker you can reiterate and accustom. Including testers in multiple stages of a product lifecycle or the SDLC means that you get all vital feedback happening much faster.

Frame QA as a Prerogative

Make QA as both a prerogative and priority in your company. It might sound bizarre but companies who look at QA as just a support team which comes at the end of the development process to spot what is broken won’t achieve the desired outcome. Try thinking of ways to optimize how QA can be a made a revenue generating team rather than a cost centre.

Adopt Early Integration Techniques

Getting your QA team involved earlier in the development process implies that you have a fair chance of your product being released on time. In general, research works have factual evidence that companies that have their QA team work as early in the design or ideation stage release product with more tenacity.

Automate wherever appropriate

Assess procedures to automate tests which are repetitive and can be reviewed by automated methods. This doesn’t literally mean that you have to be extravagant on your automation budget, because it’s a herculean task which results in spending so much time building scripts, tests and then continuously monitoring them. Invest in test automation engineering resources and servers to handle automation diligently.

Adopt a scalable business strategy

Mobilizing testers through crowdsourcing technique to build your testing capabilities is not a cumbersome task the same can be done on a case to case basis. On the contrary if you have efficient software testing resources at disposal to carry out functional exploratory testing and executing test cases without having to hire new employees then you are already in to the game. Your next priority will be to think of forming a scalable business strategy which will immensely benefit your end users.


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