VNC Server Connection Using Sikuli

VNC server can be connected using SikuliX. Once we invoke vncStart() method, it returns VNCScreen object. All you need to do is pass the below parameters while connecting your VNC server.
• ip – the server IP (default: loopback/localhost) • port – the port number (default 5900) • connectionTimeout – seconds to wait for a valid connection (default 10) • timeout – the timout value in milli-seconds during normal operation (default 1000)


Source: Connecting to a VNC Server (VNCScreen)

3 thoughts on “VNC Server Connection Using Sikuli

  1. If I run this code from the SikuliX IDE,
    it says:
    [error] script [ first ] stopped with error in line 1 at column 10
    [error] SyntaxError ( “no viable alternative at input ‘vncscreen'”, )

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