If an end user perceives bad performance from your website, her next click will likely be on your competitor website. Badly performing applications generally don’t deliver their intended benefit to an organization. Codoid’s performance testing services include supporting while setting up performance test environment, scripting & executing performance test cases, analyzing the execution report and preparing a comprehensive report.

An application that is deployed with significant performance issues will require costly, time-consuming remedial work after deployment. Even worse, the application might have to be withdrawn from circulation entirely until it’s battered into shape.

Performance Measurement

To measure performance accurately, key performance indicators (KPIs) are important.

The amount of time an application is available to the end user. Lack of availability is significant because many applications will have a substantial business cost for even a small outage.
Response Time
The amount of time it takes for the application to respond to a user request. Response time is measured from the time between the end user requesting a response from the application and a complete reply arriving at the user’s workstation.
The number of hits on a web page within a given period of time.
How much network bandwidth is being consumed by application traffic or the amount of memory used on a web server.

Performance Testing Process

  • Nonfunctional Requirements Capture
  • Performance Test Environment Setup
  • Performance Test Scenario Build
  • Test Execution
  • Post-Test Analysis & Reporting

performance testing services

performance testing services offered

Types of Performance Testing Services offered

  • Load tests
  • Endurance tests
  • Stress tests
  • Capacity tests
    Codoid’s testing process helps to design and perform load, stress, scalability and performance testing from the beginning of the project.

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