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It’s always best to test.

A QA Company with A-Grade Software Testing Solutions.

Quality First


Beginning as a startup in 2012, Codoid has rapidly established itself as one of the TOP QA COMPANIES in the world. Codoid is proudly led by QA experts that are passionate about software testing, and Quality Assurance. The greater the challenge, the more driven our team becomes. We don’t stop until we’ve achieved our goal of delivering quality software.

Our motivation comes from a deep need to learn, explore, and grow—as a team. As we delve into the quality assessment of your product, we leave absolutely no stone unturned in ensuring your product meets the needs of the end user. Our team is focused on meeting the highest standards, to help you deploy your incredible work.

Based in the tech hubs of India and Singapore, our clients are global. We work with organizations from fast-growing startups, to Fortune 500 companies. All of our clients trust Codoid to deliver incredible QA testing, everytime.

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Global Impact

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Our Services


Your product deserves high quality automation testing. Our proven track record of automation testing will put your mind at ease, while our thorough work will deliver the product you’re looking for.

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Mobile App

Mobile apps require a specialized set of QA testing abilities that some quality assurance teams just can’t match. Codoid ensures your mobile application testing is both precise and all-encompassing.

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Is your application going to perform when you need it most? Our performance testing ensures your app keeps running during those critical times.

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Data Analytics

Untested data can lead to bad business decisions. Codoid makes sure your data is exact, so that you can make sound decisions based on GOOD data.

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API & Webservice

Are your web services functional, reliable, secure, and performing at their peak? Codoid’s software testing services make sure the answers to these questions are YES.

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VR & AR App

In immersive reality, UX and user comfort is paramount. An untested VR or AR app can seem shoddy and unfinished. Leave it to the experts!

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Our Innovations

Software Testing Company in Singapore


Fillo is Codoid’s landmark innovation. When retrieving data from Excel, many use Apache POI. We’ve simplified this important process with Fillo—this revolutionary tech considers Excel Sheets as tables.

Software Testing Services Company in Singapore


Software Testing Company


Codoid is an Elite Member of NASSCOM

  • We, as a software testing company, have invariably been an active participant of  various tech forums and webinars organised by Nasscom.
  • Leveraging NASSCOM’s stellar reputation and global reach, we pride ourselves in our contributions to the tech community at large.
  • Codoid is relentless in our dedication to contributing to the tech community. NASSCOM is a wonderful partner in that pursuit. NASSCOM has a global vision of helping the IT and IT enabled products and services industry in India. This is helping the industry become more trustworthy, respected, and innovative.

6 Steps to Get Started

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Tell us your project

We want to hear about your amazing product! We love working with passionate clients, as we are equally passionate about their product’s quality. If this sounds like you, let’s talk!


Known for our responsiveness, attention to detail, our respective team will get in touch with you within 2 hours.

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Have a productive Discussion

Once Codoid has developed a game plan for your product, we return to you for a productive discussion. This is where we lay out our strategy for your product’s success. This is a give and take discussion. Hearing from you, the client, about your unique needs and challenges can be met is of the utmost importance. This helps us hit the mark, and ensure complete customer satisfaction!

No Cost Proof Of Concept

This is where Codoid truly shines. We, as a QA company, believe that the best way to demonstrate an idea is by proving its feasibility, That’s why we’re proud to offer no cost POCs. We love nothing more than to see the “a-ha!” moments happen in real time. Let’s schedule a demo for your product, so we can show you its viability, and how it can satisfy your testing requirements.

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Proposal Submission

This is the stage where we offer a proposal, using a suitable engagement model and reasonable pricing.

Your trusted QA partner

At this stage, we’re proud to call our clients Partners. At Codoid, our partners are our family. We always ensure your projects are done right: on time, and on budget. This ongoing partnership makes OUR team YOUR new in-house testing team. We’re there for you, when you need us most.

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Codoid – Your QA Partner in Success

Codoid is a pioneer in the software testing arena with years of experience that extends across a wide range of industries. With experience comes the expertise to handle any and all challenges that we are faced with. As a team, we have not just delivered quality to our clients, but we have also been an instrumental partner in their product’s success. Our outstanding team of experts is equipped with top-of-the-line technology to deliver top-notch services to all our clients.

Case Studies

A US based Power-sports
Vehicle Manufacturer

A US based fortune 500 global MNC into power-sports vehicle manufacturing contacted Codoid to QA their E-Learning courses on multiple browsers and platforms.

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A Logistics Services Mobile
App Testing
Case Study

Our Client is a Multi-billion dollar global MNC in the field of storage, handling, forwarding, chartering and other logistics services. They have an online platform which allows the customers and their financial banks to ease & secure access, to manage their business with connected client’s Warehouses.

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QA Automation for
A Telecom Company

A leading mobile network operator in Saudi Arabia approached Codoid to setup automation COE, to develop test framework, and to automate regression test cases.

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On-Demand QA Services

Software Testing Services Company
QA Company

Instantly improve your QA standards by joining us, an industry leading QA company

Codoid is an industry leader in QA. We don’t say this just to brag, we say this because it is our passion to help guide and lead the Quality Assurance community. Our brilliant team of engineers love to attend, and speak at: software testing meetup groups, forums, Software Quality Assurance events, and Automation testing conferences. Everything we do at Codoid, we do with passion—passion for our clients, our work, our business, and the organisations we contribute to.

Every innovation/blog article from us is designed to help our testing community, testers across the globe and many users who have adopted our products/blogs are seeing tangible outcomes. We are driven to discover and power the breakthroughs in automation testing to introduce our products. Professionals across industry need to adopt new tools/ products in software test automation to be more productive and stay competitive in an oversaturated marketplace.

Codoid ISO Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Codoid’s QMS (Quality Management System) has been certified by ISO and the Software testing process compliant with ISO 9001:2015. For each and every project Codoid provides test documentation required by ISO/IEC/IEEE 27001:2013 to ensure transparency of the performed testing activities.

Client Testimonials

We are impressed with the workability and commitment that Codoid has shown towards our assignments. Though, in different geographies the communication between the teams was exceptional.

– Frank Paul, Test Manager

This is exactly the type of support we anticipated from the outsource agreement and I’m pleased to say that Codoid fully delivered.

– Jessica Lloyd, QA Manager

I am very grateful with the automation test services provided by Codoid. The framework and scripts we received as deliverables were very professional and went beyond our expectations.

– Tim Weinhart, Director, IT QA

A growing product needs a passionate, dedicated QA team to ensure quality

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