Codoid – a futuristic QA Company - offers you innovative technology solutions that are guaranteed to accelerate your business, keep existing customers engaged, and attract a larger customer base. We think ‘software’ – our approach and expertise has laser like focus on QA services. We are now rated as one of the best QA companies in USA & India for Automation Testing, ELearning Testing, Mobile Application Testing, ETL & Data-Centric Testing, Performance Testing, and other QA Services. Codoid is your go-to QA Company that comprises of remarkable testers, engineers, and thought leaders – working cohesively to make QA services, a breeze! We proudly boast a rich lode of large enterprises, reputed in their respective realms that trust us with their software and QA needs.

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We use the most popular and effective tools such as Selenium WebDriver, Cypress, Cucumber, & Protractor for automated web application testing. The automated test regression suites and test automation frameworks we create are robust and produce top notch products. As a reputed and futuristic QA Company, we are the preferred partner for renowned companies in USA who seek to boldly make changes to application codes and retain the superiority of their products and offerings.

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Smart organizations are moving from conventional teaching / training methods to eLearning, and we are one of the best QA companies for eLearning Apps testing, having tested several varied top eLearning applications. We have built and customized eLearning testing solutions while working with companies of all sizes across industries. We understand the importance of global availability of learning programs, which in turn makes them cost effective, allows learning at the pace a user finds comfortable, and provide added flexibility. We ensure that your eLearning apps remain relevant, and engaging through regular testing and maintenance with top tools and technology used by an expert team.

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As one of the top QA companies, agile testing is one of our top services – we help clients to complete projects faster and efficiently, with high quality and speedy delivery of software applications. Agile testing is a process to be done frequently and incrementally, we conduct Feature & Story Level Testing, Exploratory Testing, Test Automation, and Non-functional Testing for the most outstanding results. Your software and applications will be rid of errors / bugs as and when they appear, will have the ability to withstand and incorporate unexpected changes, and there will be reduced need for trouble shooting post deployment.

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This is part of our top class QA services, and we ensure complete and holistic authentication of both unstructured and structured data, resulting in high quality and completely validated data. We address all the standard requirements when testing Big Data, such as tooling, test data needs, and testing metrics definition. This data proves immensely useful and critical to generate meaningful reports, dashboards, and visualizations, using a variety of Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

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Our expert team has proven ability in testing tools and methodologies to offer a wide range of mobile app testing solutions. Our expertise enables us to perform such testing across all major mobile devices, platforms, domains and operating systems.

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Leveraging on our experience, open source and commercial tools and technologies, we are able to deliver high quality and customized test strategies to align with the goal of our clients. As a top QA Company, we understand the importance of performance testing for web and mobile applications and more, since this directly impacts the business and revenues of a company. Our expertise ensures that we raise throughput, responsiveness, security, reliability, scalability and other factors of web and mobile applications. This is done both under normal and stress conditions in throughout the Software Development Life Cycle and pre-production stages.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission is to empower and strengthen businesses across industries and anywhere in the world with our QA services. Our team has in-depth domain expertise, with superior control of agile engineering processes, and a range of services that make us a much sought after QA Company. We have worked with some of the best companies and the most intelligent minds across industries – while learning from them, we have delivered world class service and solutions within the complex domains of QA. It is our consistent endeavor to bring and sustain innovation in QA services, thereby creating a nonpareil environment for our esteemed and reputed clients. At all times we strive to remain unique, while adhering to our values and remaining true to the values and needs of our clients.

Our rich experience allows us to offer the ‘perfect’ ingredients that comprise of scalability, innovation, adaptability, and superior products. We are a dependable QA partner for all sizes of enterprises, and are committed to profitability, growth, and cost reduction. We are thus one of the most preferred software and QA services company across the world. We hope that this information has excited you enough to afford us a time for a face to face meeting or a telephone conversation. We are sure that innovation and superior quality are hugely important and exhilarating for you, as it is for us. Connect with us and do go through the list of services mentioned below.

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We are one of the top QA companies for Automation Testing Services using Selenium WebDriver, Appium, Protractor, and Serenity tools.

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