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If you’re unhappy or frustrated with your automated test suites, it’s time to contact Codoid.


You can trust Codoid with your automation testing. We’ve got the experience and knowledge to ensure your testing is done right. Codoid does it all: web, mobile, desktop, gaming, car infotainment systems, and mixed reality applications. Our automation testing services will help you to test your applications across multiple platforms, devices, browsers, and wearable devices. Codoid leaves no stone unturned to ensure ultimate testing success.

We don’t stop there. We re-run every test with every new iteration of code. This allows us to ensure the application is free from any potential errors. When we identify errors, we isolate the how and why.

Reap the benefits of automated testing: short execution times that maximize productivity. Our software test automation approach has saved many projects from failure by addressing false positives and negatives. If you’re looking for more from your automated test suites, contact us. Our team of experts has the knowledge and customer service to ensure an incredible experience.

Test Automation as a Service

What Makes Codoid The Best For
Software Automation Testing?

Test Automation Services


We treat automation test scripts like we’d treat production code. This mean our test automation solutions are reliable and repeatable.

automation testing company


Your product is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Codoid adapts as quickly as you do, with immediate changes in testing code.

automated software testing as a service


There isn’t an inch of your product that we don’t cover with our QA automation testing. Our expert team delivers a wall-to-wall solution, everytime.

qa automation services


Codoid gives peace of mind with consistent status reports (daily, weekly, monthly). Our reports ensure 100% clarity for our clients.

How do we avoid Flaky Tests?

Track Failures

An automation test script might fail if there is an issue in the application, script, or test data. Though trouble-shooting failures after every run may fix the flaky tests, the flakiness will not be reduced unless you start tracking the failures. That is why we store the test results in a database and analyze 2-4 weeks of data to identify flaky tests from the pass & fail patterns.

Limit Execution Duration

Sometimes scripts may fail due to infrastructure-related issues as they have to run for long durations. So we ensure that every test script runs independently and create smaller test batches instead of running all the tests in a single test suite.

Object Locators

In our experience of mitigating several failed automation testing projects, we identified that the flakiness was introduced due to object locating issues. All our automation testers are well versed in creating robust test automation scripts with proper locators which can identify dynamic elements by following the best practices.


As soon as we identify flaky tests, we exclude them from our automated test suites and quarantine them as false positives & negatives can disrupt the product’s quality by making your entire test suite unreliable. Those flaky tests are then stabilized with careful study before being added back to the test suite.

Tools We Use

Our highly talented automation testers are proficient in utilizing the full potential of all the best automation testing tools in the market.

FlaUI Automation Testing Tool

Cucumber Automation Testing Tool

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Cypress Automation Testing Tool

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Why Choose Us For Automation Testing

Increase confidence in software quality

Earlier time to market

Reduce cost of testing

Consistent repeatable testing

Run tests unattended

Find regression bugs

Run tests more often

Improves Test Coverage

How to Partner With Us?

The Initial Call
The Initial Call

As soon as you contact our sales team, an introductory call with our technical team will be arranged to understand your requirement. During this call, we show a demo with sample automated test scripts to establish our capabilities.

Identify POC Test Cases
Identify POC Test Cases

We always urge our prospective customers to try our no-cost proof of concept (POC) before requesting the automation testing project proposal as it’ll help us establish our technical expertise by delivering a pragmatic testing solution before we start. All you have to do is identify the POC test cases and brief us.

A POC Demo with Reports
A POC Demo with Reports

Our quick turnaround time ensures that we deliver the proof of concept within a week or two. So in the demo, we show the script’s execution with full JIRA integration and even share all our findings using the ReportPortal integration.

Proposal Submission with a Timeline
Proposal Submission with a Timeline

If the scope is concrete, we generally propose a Turnkey contract and hand over the developed automation testing framework & scripts at the end of the project. If you’re looking to expand your QA team to improve the test automation coverage, we will submit a proposal in the T&M model.

Kickstart your Project
Kickstart your Project

Once the project is up and running, you can view the progress on the dashboard to track how many scripts have been developed, how many times the tests have been executed, and analyze the metrics with 100% transparency.

Guidelines for Automation Testing

Automation Testing Services
  • Capture/replay is not a longterm solution. Recording screen coordinates rarely works
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel; reuse existing scripts wherever possible
  • Look for quick win; take small steps
  • Management support is critical, but expectations must be realistic
  • A well-planned pilot project gives a sound foundation for automation
  • Remember to consider prioritization of tests when they are automated
  • Maintain stakeholder interest and support with frequent reports about the automation

Popular Questions

  • Do you charge for proof of concept (POC)?

    At Codoid, we’re proud to offer POC at zero cost. We take pleasure in showing off our capabilities BEFORE you partner with us.

  • How soon can you start?

    As soon as you contact us, we get the ball rolling, wasting no time. Our executives will be in touch within two hours, guaranteed.

  • How much time do you take to complete a POC?

    Depending on the complexities and necessities of a particular application, we usually take 1 to 2 weeks for a proof of concept.

  • How do you estimate?

    Our estimates are based on the test case complexity. We call this the “Complexity Breakdown Structure”. The test cases are labeled Simple, Medium, and Complex. Before we provide an estimate, we review your test case and do a manual breakdown and walkthrough, so we’re on the same page.

  • Can I see the test automation results in the test management tool?

    Codoid’s test management services offer the ultimate transparency. From test strategizing to reporting, our automation testing updates the test execution results after every single execution. Our reports are comprehensive and can be customized based on the needs of the customer.

  • How much do your automation testing services cost?

    At Codoid, our belief is that everyone should have access to affordable automation testing services. Our fees are much cheaper than hiring your own in-house QA team would be. We shoulder all administrative expenses including workstations, tools, and office space. All the customer has to worry about paying for the actual software testing. Leave the overhead to us.

  • How do you execute mobile app automated test cases on real devices?

    Testing on real devices is always recommended, rather than executing tests on simulators and emulators. These simulators or emulators can’t mimic a true device. Codoid ALWAYS uses real devices for our testing.

  • What type of clients have you worked for?

    We’ve worked with all-star clients in multiple fields: non-profits, start-ups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies.

  • What kind of reports do I get after the testing is finished?

    Our quality reports offer readability, accessibility, and premiere analysis. No matter the audience, the reader is able to fully understand what each point represents, what the testing covered, the overall passing percentage, and the health of the software being tested. As soon as the automation testing is finished, our clients receive their full report.

  • Does your framework function with existing pipelines?

    Our mission is to provide a wide range of QA and Testing services that can be implemented in existing pipeline setups, to ensure releases happen seamlessly. Our experienced team will help you implement the automation testing into your existing DevOps pipeline, and make CI/CD implementation fast and easy.

  • How do you support & maintain the automation scripts for continuous delivery applications?

    We scale your test automation with a single interface. Managing, scheduling, and reporting on automated tests, across frameworks and tools. We combine the power of Behavior Driven Development and open-source tools, to achieve continuous testing across Dev, Test, & Prod environments. We’ve automated our release process to avoid human error, injecting confidence into each code change. Codoid provides visibility and traceability for developers, testers, and business units, with integration across the DevOps toolchain.

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