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Regression Testing for a Paperless Mission

A global trading and warehousing company was taking a huge leap forward by aiming to go paperless and needed a reliable testing team by its side.
Regression Testing for a Paperless Mission - Client Stories
  • 02

    Automation Test Engineers.

  • 3750+

    Test Cases

  • 96 hours of manual work to just 8 hours of automation.
  • On-time every time in all Sprints
  • Parallel Testing of old & new features with manual & automation
Tools Used
  • java-selenium

    Selenium for Web Automation

  • appium-logo

    Appium for Mobile App Automation.

  • jenkins-logo

    Confluence for defining and storing all test artifacts such as User Journey.

  • cucumber-logo

    JIRA for Bug Management

  • TeamCity_logo

    Teamcity for Continuous Integration

  • jenkins-logo

    Jenkins for Continuous Integration

The Aim to Go Paperless

It is no easy task to transition to a paperless process especially when the work is heavily reliant on paperwork. Being a trading and warehousing company, everything from how goods were transferred, stored, and moved was tracked by paper. So when they transitioned away from paper, they could not afford to have even the smallest of the issues in their digital alternative as it will deeply impact their business. So they needed a bankable QA company to support them along every step of the transition with every type of testing that was needed.

The Countless Challenges

  • Being a service used by a wide range of audiences across the globe, the number of checkpoints and possible scenarios was very high.
  • The sheer size of their business is so large that it had a large number of modules that had to be tested.
  • The Bi-weekly release plan required massive regression tests to be carried out within 3 days.
  • The number of customers was rapidly increasing, and so were their needs. So new features had to be developed, tested, and deployed frequently.
  • Both the existing and newly added features had to be tested in every sprint using combinations of manual and automated tests.
  • Since they have both a web app and a mobile app for their services, tests had to be carried out on the different device and browser combinations.

Our Flawless Solutions

  • Our effective automation testing helped reduce 4 days (96 hours) of manual work to just 8 hours of automation
  • We handled new feature additions by manually testing over 100 test cases before preparing them for automated regression testing.
  • A parallel testing strategy that involved both manual and automated tests were used to test the new and old features simultaneously.
  • Our ability to create unattended automation enabled us to schedule the test execution at night using JENKINS.
  • Confluence was used as a central repository for storing all data such as user journey, acceptance criteria, test cases, and test results for both automated and manual tests.
  • Our seamless integration between Jenkins and Confluence made it possible to view the test results in Confluence without any hassle.

What the Client Loves About Us

  • Our expertise in automation that helped automate most of the required scenarios.
  • No history of any escalation.
  • Our consistency in keeping up with the deadline by being on time every time.
  • Our ability to explore new tools & technologies and successfully implement them to enhance our testing services.

Future Plans

Now that they have successfully completed the core functionalities of the web app that will be used by both the customers and the bank has been completed, they have their eyes set on creating a dedicated web app for the warehouse processes. We started working on this project back in 2018 and have become an integral part of their team. The clients are so happy that they are not even looking for any options beyond us due to the standout services we have rendered thus far

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