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Take your Mobile App Global with our
World-class Mobile App Testing Services

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Take your Mobile App Global with our
World-class Mobile App Testing Services

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Identifying the right mobile app testing company can be tricky as mobile apps have to be continuously tested to ensure great functionality, performance, and user engagement. At Codoid, we focus on delivering End-to-End mobile app testing services that will help you roll out your mobile apps without any hassle. From the starting line to the finish line, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

As a top mobile test automation service provider, we’ve built an impressive mobile app automation framework that acts as the foundation upon which we run our tests, schedule remote testing across multiple devices simultaneously, and help deploy new functionality. To ensure your mobile app offers an incredible user experience, with rich functionality, we always prefer to test using real devices on cloud platforms instead of using emulators.

We automate regression testing for mobile apps to drastically reduce regression testing time by up to 90%. This enables our testers to spend the necessary time doing exploratory testing to unearth new bugs and features. So with Codoid as your QA Partner, you’ll never have to worry about bad reviews.

Reliable Mobile App Testing Services

Codoid Is One Of The Mobile Application Testing Company Providing Compatibility Testing Services

Compatibility Testing

We ensure your mobile app is installable and compatible with all your target devices & platforms using real devices

Functionality Testing Services

Functionality Testing

Our mobile app testing validates if all your mobile app’s features and functionalities are working as expected.

Usability Testing Services

Usability Testing

With our mobile app testing services, we validate if it will be easy for users to achieve their goals by employing realistic scenarios.

Mobile Testing Company Providing Performance Testing Services

Performance Testing

We test your mobile app’s speed, stability, and resource utilization to identify performance bottlenecks.

Automation Testing Services

Automation Testing

Our automated mobile app testing services ensure you speed up the testing process and get Guaranteed ROI.

Regression Testing For Mobile Applications

Regression Testing

Regression testing mobile apps will give you the confidence to implement constant updates and grow your mobile app.

Exploratory Testing Services

Exploratory Testing

Our experienced testers have the skills to perform effective exploratory testing and unearth hidden bugs.

Accessibility Testing Services

Accessibility Testing

We ensure your app is accessible to people with various disabilities by testing against WCAG 2.1 and ADA Guidelines.

Interruption Testing for
Real-World Success

Interruption Testing for Real-World Success

  • Since smartphones have become our day-to-day multitasking platform, interruption testing in mobile applications is critical.
  • Testing the mobile app in the same network it was developed in will never be enough.
  • That is why we perform mobile app testing using interruptions such as Push-App Notifications, Switching between apps, Network Interruptions, and so on.
  • Since smartphones have become our day-to-day multitasking platform, interruption testing in mobile applications is critical.
  • Testing the mobile app in the same network it was developed in will never be enough.
  • That is why we perform mobile app testing using interruptions such as Push-App Notifications, Switching between apps, Network Interruptions, and so on.
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A growing product needs a passionate,
dedicated QA team to ensure quality

Our Mobile App Testing Case Study

  • Our incredible team of testers wrote 350+ test cases & developed 6 Automated Regression Test Suites.
  • Our mobile app testing services included developing a Test Automation Framework, setting up a Test Automation COE, and automating the regression tests.
  • Utilized Mobile App Testing & Automation testing tools such as Appium, Selenium, Cucumber, Eclipse, Jenkins, BrowserStack, and Maven.

Our Mobile App Testing Toolkit

Being a leading mobile app testing company, our testers are proficient in the best mobile app testing tools in the market.




Browserstack A Mobile App Automation Testing Tool


Middleman Tool Used For Delivering Mobile Application Testing Services


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Why Choose Our Mobile App Testing Services?

App testing services provider in India that assures Zero Defect Spill Rate
Zero Defect Spill Rate

We can guarantee that no business-critical bugs will meet your customers as we have a successful track record with a zero-defect spill rate across all our projects; making us a great choice that delivers unparalleled mobile app testing services in India.

We use real devices to perform mobile app testing
Real Device Testing

Our highly skilled testers are experts in using cloud platforms to perform mobile app testing on real devices to ensure maximum quality. Apart from using real devices, we also test using real-world scenarios to ensure your mobile app’s success.

We provide Competitive pricing at efficient cost
Competitive Pricing

Our efficient testing approach ensures uncompromising quality at unbeatable prices. Our flexible engagement models (Turnkey, T&M, and BOT) promise a plan tailored to your needs even if you are a Startup or a Fortune 500 company.

Our Future Proof Framework make us one of the best mobile app testing companies
Future Proof Frameworks

Constant updates are what can keep your mobile app competitive over time and our future-proof frameworks will be able to keep up with the increased testing needs that come along with updates.

We provide testing in all types of app combination
All Types of Apps

Being one of the best mobile app testing service providers in India, we have the ability to effectively test both iOS & Android apps. We also use dedicated testing approaches for native, hybrid, and progressive apps.

Our Hand out documentation can be used for future reference
Hand-out Documentation

We understand that our mobile application testing services don't end once the bugs are found. Our crystal clear documentation ensures the issues are fixed at the earliest. We also provide hand-out documentation that can be used for future reference.

Popular Questions

  • Do you write test cases if we provide the mobile app?

    Yes! Our testers represent your mobile app’s end user. That way we can anticipate the user’s needs, and create test cases accordingly. A successful test case is one that is in line with how customers will use the app and this is what Codoid delivers. Customer requirements are always front and centre in our test cases. We update and create manual test suites for your mobile app in coordination with your developers and other relevant parties.

  • Do you test on real devices?

    Testing a mobile app on REAL devices is a must. Our cloud testing platform accounts have access to a wide range of real devices to perform the most accurate and rigorous mobile app testing.

  • Are your testers experienced with mobile app automation testing?

    At Codoid, we’re proud to have an elite team. We are skilled in programming, have wide-ranging experience, and are experts in all the latest tools and scripting languages you can think of. We have the flexibility to use the best tools to maximize productivity and success. Our current mobile app automation testing toolkit includes: JUnit, TestNG, WebDriver, and Appium for UI tests.

  • What kind of reports do I get after the mobile app testing has been finished?

    Our quality reports offer readability, accessibility, and premier analysis. No matter the audience, the reader will be able to fully understand what each point represents, what the testing covered, the overall passing percentage, and the health of the mobile app being tested. As soon as we are done with our mobile app testing, we will share comprehensive hand-out documentation.

  • What strategy do you use to automate regression test cases?

    We always start with a few sample test cases and complete a proof of concept. We then estimate the overall work required to automate the regression test suite. Once the proposal and plan are approved, it’s a hands-off approach to automation. We identify the parts of your mobile app that require automation coverage, capture end-to-end business processes, build automation, and continuously execute and modify the test automation when necessary.

  • How do you collaborate during projects?

    We are highly adaptive and can work along with you on the SDLC model you follow and support you on your timezone during releases. We are also well-versed with collaboration tools such as JIRA, Slack, and so on. Despite being an offshore mobile app testing service provider in India, we ensure a seamless partnership by working like an in-house team.

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