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Web Accessibility Testing

Ensuring Equal Access to All through Web Accessibility Testing Services.






With a 20% population being differently-abled, accessibility testing has now been made part of the standard testing lifecycle. Doing so allows ensuring your digital properties are inclusive to everyone and conform with installed guidelines. And at the same time as automated accessibility scanners may be suitable; however, they’re not able to determine out all problems. That’s where our human-driven approach can assist.

We provide a complete suite of accessibility testing services, led through a group of specialists, that allows brands to determine weaknesses within their digital experiences, solve problems quickly, and combine exceptional practices into regular operations.

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Web Accessibility Testing Services

Why Is Web Accessibility Testing Necessary?

Accessibility testing is vital and essential for business, people, and society. Digital content has become an inevitable part of education, healthcare, entertainment, banking, insurance, and many more. Therefore, these must be made accessible for ones with diverse abilities.

In short, more than a compliance demand, accessibility of your websites or apps to make certain inclusivity of a differently-abled populace is a societal responsibility. Being a socially responsible firm, you would like your apps and websites to be accessible for everyone including individuals with visual, cognitive, hearing, and motor limitations. It even helps your brand image and drives more and more happy users.

With a vast knowledge of the accessibility regulation like W3C’s WCAG 1.0/WCAG 2.0, BITV 1.0, Section 508 & Stanca Act, and much more, our company guarantees all practices to standardized accessibility are pursued within your site or application.

Tools We Use

Our highly talented accessibility testers are proficient in utilizing the full potential of all the best accessibility testing tools in the market.
ARC Acessibility Testing Toolkit

Axe Accessibility Testing Tool

JAWS Screenreader for Accessibility Testing

BrowserStack Cloud Mobile App Testing Tool Logo

VoiceOver Accessibility Testing Tool

Talkback Accessibility Testing Tool

ORCA Screen Reader for Accessibility Testing

Wave for Accessibility Testing

ORCA Screen Reader for Accessibility Testing

Chromevox Accessibility Testing Tool

CCA for Accessibility Testing

Chromevox Accessibility Testing Tool


How do we test Accessibility?


Perceivable – Accessibility Testing

“Perceivable” in the context of sites refers to a clean interface with transparent content. Satisfying this criterion implies having alt texts for non-textual content material, including transcripts, captions, and subtitles for multimedia. Our team of experts will ensure contact providing a clear contrast and be magnifiable.

Operable – Accessibility Testing

By being “operable,” WCAG is signifying to the ability of everyone with disabilities to communicate with your website. That implies being able to navigate the interface with a keyboard and no mouse, in addition to this, will make it easier for users to use different inputs to navigate, including a dictation software program. We ensure that it also be appropriate for screen readers, with functional navigation options being very clearly distich from decorative aspects.


Understandable – Accessibility Testing

We through our accessibility testing services to help customers avoid making errors by presenting clear inline prompts and placeholders while filling out online forms. It also implies using error messages to inform the user how they will correct any mistakes they’ve just made, in place of certainly telling them that they’ve made one.

Robust – Accessibility Testing

We ensure that your content is compatible with all sorts of AT. Therefore, we always pursue the latest version of WCAG that outlines the web standards needed by the latest AT.


Why Choose Our Web Accessibility Testing?

  • Avoiding legal complications – Many nations have made it obligatory that sites meet the accessibility necessities before going live. Our web accessibility testing services will help you to stay away from any legal actions.
  • Deep Expertise – Our team of experts has sound knowledge of accessibility guidelines and best practices and can test a full range of assistive technology.
  • A Potential Grown in the Business – One in five humans, who live with some kind of disability, forms 19% of the UK’s population. Our services will help you construct the application by following accessible guidelines that reach humans with disabilities nicely and result in a potential boom to your company’s revenue.
  • Human Approach- Our human-driven approach determines out the issues that automated scanners will not.
  • Actionable Insights- You’ll get a list of the areas where you are failing, prioritized by severity level, with the detailed bug reports holding screenshots, videos, and remediation recommendations.
  • Better User Experience – If digital content is made accessible, it can be beneficial for any person who uses your application as intended. Our company’s accessibility testing service makes the application’s navigation, text clarity, appearance, and plenty of different features, extra attractive and user friendly.

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