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Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Business Intelligence Services

Harness the power of Business Intelligence and power the core of your business with impactful insights.







Though hard data has the answer to most of our business problems, the ability to see through them is the key to unlocking success. Assuming how a process works and making decisions based on it is never healthy. But it is also not easy to collect and transform the collected data to become insights. You should have the right team on your side, and that is where Codoid comes in.

Quality in Business Intelligence is an integral part of the process. And thanks to our years of experience in providing data analytical testing to our various quality assurance clients, we bring a unique advantage to the table when performing Business Intelligence services. You can rest assured knowing you have the best team to deliver the all-important insights from the data.

Business Intelligence Services

Benefits of SAP Services

Benefits of Business Intelligence
  • Best Business Decisions – Use the data available at your fingertips to identify dependencies, market trends, root causes, and so on to empower your decision makers with actionable insights.
  • Enhanced Risk Management – All your important decisions will be backed up with reliable insights. You will also be able to perform fraud inspections to detect suspicious user behavior & patterns.
  • Identify & Remove Siloes – There is no process without any bottlenecks, and there is no team better than us in identifying them. So you will be able to yield maximum business operability.
  • Stay Ahead of the Pack – All of this will help you set the right roadmap for the growth of your organization or business.

Our Workflow

Understanding the Requirements

Understanding the Requirements

Our dedicated team of experts will initiate a call to understand & analyze your every need and explore the best business intelligence approaches, solutions, and tools that can boost your business growth.

Collect & Centralize Data

Once we have determined the business goals, our dedicated teams will effectively collaborate with your teams to collect all the data from flat files such as spreadsheets, transactional databases, and CSV files and centralize them in a data warehouse.

Collect & Centralize Data
Data Transformation

Data Transformation

The centralized raw data is then assessed, cleaned, and transformed to the desired format that enables better data analysis and enhanced ad-hoc SQL query creation using the various business intelligence tools and our unique approach.

Extract Insights

Our highly-skilled professionals then identify and extract knowledge and insights from the transformed data to solve the previously defined business problems. We utilize these insights to discover patterns, understand trends, pinpoint bottlenecks, and so on.

Extract Insights
Visually Rich Reporting

Visually Rich Reporting

As the data has been prepared, our team models it as per the needs or the defined KPIs to generate visually-rich Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports. You will then be able to keep making the right business decisions with the utmost ease.

Why Codoid?

Autonomous Workflow

Once we kickstart the project, we make sure that we perform our Business Intelligence works without pestering you and not compromising on collaboration.


Have no second thoughts when it comes to making those critical business decisions with the reliable insights we provide.

Invaluable Business Insights

We don’t just promise, we deliver unmatchable business insights that will help you drive your business in the right direction.

Data Quality

Being an experienced QA company, we are already known for maintaining data integrity and you can count on us to do the same.

End-to-End Support

From the first step of the process to every next step along the way, Codoid will always be there at your side.

Top of the Line Reporting

Never feel overwhelmed with all the reports with our unique and visually rich reporting approach

Power BI Dashboard

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