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About Codoid Innovations

About Us

Codoid is dedicated to helping our clients overcome the complex testing challenges that come with a growing product.






Codoid was founded in 2012 by a group of like-minded, passionate test automation professionals. This group developed a guiding principle: to deliver an industry-leading test automation platform for Software Applications. By firmly adhering to this principle, Codoid is proud to offer TRUE end-to-end, unattended automated testing of mission-critical business applications.

The team at Codoid are experts in their field. Before Codoid, our founders worked with the top MNCs. This gave them exposure to many commercial tools for automation testing.

The founders of Codoid foresaw the adoption of open-source tools for automation testing, with the introduction of Agile and DevOps. This is when Codoid’s founding members began contributing to the open-source communities, and realized these new tools would bring changes to software delivery models, with the help of automation testing.

Codoid Innovations 2022
About Codoid

Quality isn’t just a process. Quality is ingrained in Codoid’s culture!

Every project, every customer. Codoid is dedicated to your success. Our process isn’t finished when we deliver a project. We are here to consult for the duration of, and after we deliver, a project. We listen attentively to the testing challenges each client faces. We strategize, define issues, and offer solutions based on experience and creativity. Our breadth of experience enables us to work with many different technologies, and practices.

Our founders have a wide and unique range of experiences. We’ve worked with a variety of tools, and are leaders in improving productivity. We’re blessed to have the flexibility to use the life-cycle model that works best for our clients’ needs. We provide support for Agile, SAFe, and scrum practices.

Our Achievements

  • Tested 700+ mobile apps
  • Provided testing solutions for most industries (Telecom, Travel, Healthcare, Auto Industry, and eLearning)
  • Strict adherence to testing practices that ENSURE quality
  • Provided robust test automation solutions using Selenium, Appium, White Framework, Protractor & JMeter. This enables complete coverage of business processes across all systems, in any environment. Includes: cloud, mobile, web, and custom applications.
  • Provided 24/7 support for multiple projects
  • Improved quality standards and test coverage
  • Written thorough and thought-provoking articles which are often referenced by the software testing community
Top QA and Software Testing Companies in 2021

Codoid is Rated as a Top QA & Software Testing Company

  • We have achieved this milestone with our extensive experience in delivering full-cycle QA and testing services to all our clients across the globe.
  • Our deep technological expertise has enabled us to hit this list of the leading QA and software testing firms according to the prominent online analytics hub,
  • We take great pride in receiving such accolades as we strive towards achieving our goal of becoming a valued contributor to the software testing community with our relentless hard work and passion. 

Your one stop shop for QA needs.

Teamwork, customer focus, personal growth and development, innovation, a drive for results, and the ability to learn from successes AND failures. These are the qualities we’ve sought out when choosing our team. We’ve succeeded. Our team has a proven track record of success, and expertise in: manual testing, automation testing, performance testing, ETL testing, game testing, eLearning testing, and car infotainment automation testing.

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