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Visual Regression Testing

Mobile Test Automation

Add new automated tests to the regression suite and schedule it to run often enough to provide adequate feedback.







The market today is brimming with technologies and solutions, and providers in the realm of Mobile Test Automation Services, organizations face the challenge of plenty without really knowing which solution and provider would be able to fulfil their specific testing requirements. Codoid is a Mobile Test Automation Services expert backed by years of experience, industry expertise, and thought leadership – we possess the ability to customize solutions for your specific needs. Speak with our experts to find out.

With our experience, diverse set of skills and solutions, and expertise in implementing solutions, we understand the nuances and every element of Mobile Test Automation, enabling us to think innovatively to provide unique and befitting solutions for every individual client need.

How to Perform Automation Testing for Mobile Apps

Script once, run on multiple devices

Creating individual scripts for iOS & Android causes maintenance overhead issues that demand more automation testers to manage the test suites. So, we at Codoid, create generic scripts that run seamlessly on multiple platforms.

Use Accessibility Labels

Locating elements using XPath is a good choice for testing web-based applications. However, since Appium is slow to identify an object using XPath locators, we use Accessibility labels to identify elements quickly.

Eliminate Flakiness

If a script fails, fix it immediately. But if it keeps failing at the same line of code, you have to quarantine the script until it is made robust.

Don’t Search for Test Data

Manual testers spend at least 50-70% of their effort searching for the required test data. So automated mobile app test suites should be able to pick up test data automatically from test data management tools.

Test Automation Benefits

  • We use real devices to test to better determine the integration of the app with any device and operating system.
  • We integrate with both open source and commercial test automation tools
  • The multi-platform integration enables automation for web and mobile based service using a single script
  • We measure apps being tested using common metrics, enabling our clients to easily understand the quality of the app and its progression
  • We offer a combination of mobile technology and subject matter expertise in this realm, ensuring that our mobile app testing solutions are unique and fine tuned
  • Work with some of the best testing professionals – a track record of contributing to open source projects such as Selenium
  • We partner with leading and renowned automation tool providers which allows us to offer nonpareil mobile test automation solutions cost effectively and in a timely manner
  • A team that works round the clock, serving customers across the globe

Test Automation Objectives

Increase confidence in software quality

Earlier time to market

Reduce cost of testing

Consistent repeatable testing

Run tests unattended

Find regression bugs

Run tests more often

Improve Test Coverage

Our Insights

Appium Commands

Every automation tester should be familiar with Appium commands to create robust mobile apps automated test scripts. However, knowing all the methods/commands is a challenge. A quick reference material/cheat sheet will be helpful for mobile app automation testers.

How to automate OTP Scenario using Appium?

A conclusive guide with sample code and code explanation that will help you learn how to automate the OTP Scenario using Appium in 4 simple steps.

An End-to-End BrowserStack Tutorial

Are you someone who wants to run their test cases on multiple browsers or machines? Then this BrowserStack Tutorial is a must-read for you.

Mobile App Testing Checklist

Mobile App testing is no easy task and this conclusive checklist will ensure your Mobile App is tested with multiple mobile devices across multiple platforms over diverse networks.

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