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Regression Testing Services

Regression Testing

The main benefit of regression testing is confidence and assurance, not defect discovery.

What is Regression Testing?

Regression testing is a type of testing done so as to make sure any new features or defect fixes which were made to the application works fine without affecting the existing functionalities. Few key factors that need to be considered while choosing test cases for regression testing are listed below.

  • Choose test cases that have produced the maximum defects earlier
  • Include test cases for a specific functionality for which a change is made
  • Consider test cases in which / where issues are found
  • Identify test cases which are meant to test the basic functionalities and the core features of the product which are the must to have requirements of the business / stakeholders
  • Include test cases which test the end-to-end behaviour of the application or the product
  • Finalize test cases to test positive test conditions
  • Include the area which is highly visible to the users

Our Approach

The failure of regression can only be found very late in the cycle of found by the customers. Having a well-defined methodology for regression can prevent such costly misses. Codoid’s regression testing approach ensures that the defects do not seep through and the existing functionalities work properly. Our approach follows.

  • Performing an initial “Smoke” or “Sanity” test
  • Understanding the criteria for selecting the test cases
  • Classifying the test cases into different priorities
  • A methodology for selecting test cases
  • Resetting the test cases for test execution
  • Concluding the results of a regression cycle

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