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Mobile App Automation for an International
Telecommunications giant

In this mobile app testing case study, we will be exploring how we fulfilled Ooredoo’s (An International Telecommunications Giant) mobile app automation testing needs.

Mobile App Automation for an International Telecommunications giant - Case Study
  • 02

    Automation Test Suites.

  • 300+

    Test Cases

  • 02

    Test Automation Engineers.

  • 18 hours of manual work reduced to just 3.5 hours of automation

  • Streamlined Bug Management with custom JIRA Integration

  • Implemented CI/CD Integration & Delivered a conclusive Sign-off Document

Tools Used
  • Java-Logo

    Java for our Test Automation Scripts.

  • Cucumber-TestNG-Maven-1

    Cucumber TestNG Maven Integrated Framework.

  • jenkins-logo

    Appium for Mobile App Automation.

  • Logo-Jenkins

    Jenkins for CI/CD Integration.

  • appium-logo

    JIRA for Bug Management.

The Need

Our client had developed a mobile app for their customers to easily manage their accounts, pay bills, make payments, transfer money, and so on using their network. They had an in-house testing team to test the mobile app completely and release it. Though they were able to manually test the mobile app without any issues, they faced a lot of challenges when it came to automating their mobile app testing. So they were looking for a Mobile App Testing Company that could handle all their automation needs and work well with their internal team as well.

Overcoming the Automation Challenges

  • As the mobile application had a wide range of features & functionalities that involved monetary transactions, we ensured comprehensive test coverage by creating over 300 test cases.
  • We employed parallel execution on both Android & iOS to ensure that we find the bugs at the earliest and reduce execution time.
  • Scripted and ran all the automated tests on the client side’s remote machines.
  • Implemented complete Spider JIRA integration for creating issues in case of failure and for updating the execution status for each test with the proof of test execution.
An Extensive POC

Since there were numerous automation challenges faced by their internal team, the client was very hesitant at the start of the partnership. They had requested an extensive POC that went beyond 5 test cases each for Android & iOS. So we won over our client’s trust by providing a full project overview by implementing major functionality such as JIRA integration that updates the test execution results with proof of test execution.

Reduced Testing Time & Enhanced Bug Management

We first reduced testing time by implementing parallel test execution on both Android and iOS platforms. As soon as a test case was executed, we ensured its execution status is updated in JIRA automatically along with the proof of execution. So if there were any bugs, an issue would be automatically created in JIRA to start the fixing process at the earliest. Since there were a variety of recharge & payment options, we even made sure the failure of one test case doesn’t impact the execution of another.

Test Execution on an In-House Machine:

One of the client’s requirements was to script and run our automation tests on their in-house machines. In order to overcome the numerous challenges that arise when scripting and executing automation tests on a remote machine, we wrote our scripts on a local machine by using a VPN and then pushed them to the in-house machines.

Sign-Off Document

As all the tests were configured on their in-house machines, all they needed was an all-inclusive sign-off document to run the automation suites whenever necessary. So at the end of the project, we provided a sign-off document that included all vital information about the automation project such as the Framework Setup Structure, the modules covered, the CI/CD Job Description, the tools & languages used, and even definitive instructions for execution.

Future Plans

The client was extremely impressed with the overall effort that they wanted to retain us for their future testing needs as well. So we are currently performing automated regression testing for their admin-end web app.

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