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Helping Deliver a Complete Online Learning Experience

The story of how we established our expertise by mitigating a failed automation project to become our client’s preferred QA partner since 2015.
Helping Deliver a Complete Online Learning Experience - Case Study
  • 10K+

    Test Cases.

  • 65+

    Test Automation Suites

  • 03

    Automation Test Engineers

  • 07

    Years in Partnership

  • Automation in both Windows & Mac
  • Reduced 2 hours of testing to 25 minutes
Tools Used
  • Java Language

    Java for writing our Automation Test Scripts

  • Cucumber JUnit Maven Integrated Automation Testing Framework

    Cucumber JUnit Maven Integrated Framework..

  • Selenium Web Automation Tool

    Selenium for Web App Automation

  • JIRA Project Management Tool

    JIRA for Story Analysis and Bug Management

  • Jenkins Continuous Integration Tool

    Jenkins for CI/CD integration

  • Multijob Plugin for Automation Testing

    Multi Job Plug-in in Jenkins for Parallel Test Execution.

An Aspiration to Create a Complete Online Learning Experience

A US-based educational content & service provider was developing a comprehensive LMS that would enable seamless online student-teacher interaction. The web app covered everything starting from a student’s admission to viewing their assessment results. Due to the sheer scale of the project, they were looking for an offshore automation testing company to outsource their regression testing needs after manually testing the product using their in-house team.

Our Solutions

  • Wrote 10,000+ test cases to cover all the functions for the student, instructor, admin, and supervisor roles.
  • Performed Regression Testing on both Windows-Chrome and Mac-Safari combinations.
  • Smoke tested every build in the stage and prod environment.
  • Successfully enabled complete client-side test execution and automated report generation with the help of Jenkins and JUnit Runner Class.


End-to-End Testing Solution

Since the LMS’s goal was to create a complete online learning experience for the students, it covered numerous functionalities such as enrolling a student, creating sections, attending classes, taking exams, viewing the results, allocating tasks, and so on. Every module would have numerous sub-tasks and so we made sure to test 1 task while performing smoke testing and tested the remaining while performing regression testing.

CI/CD Integration

The time zone differences never impacted our collaboration as we created dedicated jobs for Smoke & Regression testing in Jenkins to make it very easy to execute the automation tests based on the defined Maven goals during their work hours. We first moved all our automation test scripts to the client’s cloud repository and employed the parallel job plug-in in Jenkins to test 5 modules at a time to reduce execution time. Reporting was also fully automated using JUnit Runner Class to generate the reports with Cucumber.

Rapid Smoke Testing for Quicker Release

We had to perform smoke testing on a daily basis in the QA environment. So we made use of virtual machines that had 2 browsers open in parallel to execute the tests. By opting for such an approach over the sequential execution, we were able to reduce the time required for testing from 2 hours to just 25 minutes. In addition to that, we also automated the process of updating the test result status (Pass/Failure) in Slack to ensure seamless collaboration.

Future Plans

With the LMS expanding and being accessed by a variety of users across the world, various platform integrations are taking place. We have been testing the UI part of these integrations till now and will be taking the next step forward to perform regression testing for the high-priority test cases in the future.

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