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E-Learning Testing to ensure effective Business Training

Polaris, a US-based Fortune 500 power-sports vehicle manufacturer had developed an eLearning platform to educate their suppliers and employees and wanted it tested effective in a short period.
E-Learning Testing to ensure effective Business Training - Case Study
  • 70+

    Courses Tested

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    Software Testers

  • 4+

    Years in Partnership

  • No History of Escalation
  • Delivered against Tight Deadlines
Tools Used
  • JIRA Project Management Tool

    JIRA for Bug Management

  • BrowserStack Mobile App Testing Tool

    BrowserStack for testing on real devices for the specified combinations.

  • Sandbox eLearning Testing Tool

    LMS Sandbox for accessing their courses.

  • Grammarly for eLearning Testing

    Grammarly for validating the Spelling and Grammar in the course.

Empowering the Business with a Training Platform

Polaris had developed this eLearning platform to ensure their suppliers were up to date with all the recent developments in the industry. They also wanted to streamline their hiring process by recruiting people who have completed their tailor-made program that ensures their employees will be equipped with everything they need to work effectively.

Since the courses primarily consisted of numerous videos, quizzes, audio, and so on to ensure effective training, they had to make sure there was seamless functionality and check for spelling or basic grammatical issues too. So they were looking for a QA outsourcing company that could do both within a limited time frame.

Our Testing Solutions

  • Performed Functionality testing by creating a Comprehensive QA Checklist that covered all the elements in their courses.
  • Tested all the courses across all the expected device combinations by using BrowserStack.
  • Tested the course content and video transcripts for spelling and grammar issues using Grammarly.


Comprehensive Functionality Testing

Our dedicated eLearning testing team was highly experienced in working on such projects. So we had a repo that we used as a base to create a conclusive checklist for their platform in no time. We reviewed the checklist multiple times to ensure that we had maximum test coverage focused on the user journey for every type of course. To sum it up, we covered course navigation, video playback & transcript, quizzes, progress level, and completion certificate generation.

Covering Device Combinations using BrowserStack

One of the major challenges in this project was to test the same course across multiple platforms, devices, and browser combinations such as Chrome, Firefox, & Edge on Windows 8 & 10. So we opted to use BrowserStack to overcome this infrastructural challenge without compromising on testing using real devices. So we employed LMS Sandbox to access their courses and tested them by using BrowserStack.

Working Against Tight Deadlines

Our clients loved the fact that we would always test a course within a day despite having to test it against a large number of device combinations. They were also very impressed with our performance when the number of courses to be tested increased as we would ensure to meet those tight deadlines by testing triple the number of courses in the same timeframe.

We are proud to say that we have become their preferred QA partner ever since 20 and that this 4+ yearlong partnership is going strong.

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