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Top performance is quintessential to success for any business, and it is also one of the hardest challenges for any company today. Getting up to and maintaining at peak performance, critical to business applications can be a nightmare without an expert to help with performance testing. Performance testing – including load testing - is critical since it validates the ability of a system to work effectively under both normal and high load conditions. We are a performance testing services company with robust technical and business prowess and can guarantee smooth working of your business.

As part of our top strengths, we are able to replicate high loads, calibrate and refine systems for optimal performance, which in turn would help you meet the planned business objectives. Our experts are at the top of their ‘performance’ and hence equipped to help with our superlative performance testing services. We offer a holistic solution that includes load testing, volume testing, capacity testing, endurance testing, scalability testing, stress testing, and reliability testing. As a top class performance testing company, we stay with our clients from the detection and analysis stage, all the way to corrective action. With our knowledge base and robust infrastructure, our performance testing services does not only significantly enhance the development efforts, but also reduces the costs involved since we identify issues before it impacts the products and or systems.

Performance Testing Services Company

Why Codoid?

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Given our expertise, we understand the importance of testing and detection in the early stages, and are able to put down easily understood documentation of the test results. Our forte lies in the extensive resource pool of experts who will ensure that your products / system would be able handle high usage, and work seamlessly, granting you peace of mind.

Our customized and reusable and online monitoring solutions ensure testing of the performance of your system continues regularly. We believe that when you connect with us, our claims will stand vindicated.

As a leading performance testing services company, we use our wide testing experience to provide highly agile and adjustable testing services, in accordance with industry best practices, thus systematically addressing all the testing requirements for your business. We work relentlessly around the clock to deliver on demand QA and performance testing services, thereby saving time, effort, and money for our clients. Backed by years of experience, we have steadily built expertise across a wide range of platforms, tools, technologies, and solutions, which enables us to offer a wide range of complex and high-level testing services. Our ever increasing base of satisfied clients validates the efficacy of our claim.

Performance Testing Process
  • 1.Thorough examination of and identification of cases for performance testing
  • 2.Understanding variety of load situations, followed by setting up of the performance test structure / plan
  • 3.Test scripts for performance testing at user interface and API levels
  • 4.Implement the performance tests
  • 5.Detailed test result analysis and in-depth recommendations for overall improvement
Performance Testing Services Provider

On demand Performance Testing Services

It is our passion to enhance the productivity of your business, and ensure that its strategy is aligned with the volatile market conditions, and fluctuating business needs. Our performance testing services ensure that the applications are verified and examined thoroughly to ensure volume, performance, scalability, and are able to manage a varying loads and stress. The support and guidance we provide is continuous, which in turn guarantees a future-proof system with high scalability, responsiveness, and availability. Our team is a highly skilled resource pool, with each member backed by in-depth experience to support myriad business models across industries and manage several methodologies, performance testing tools, and models. Given our expertise, we are equipped to provide proactive service, by anticipating any bottlenecks or performance issues, and resolving them before they pose a problem or a risk. This not only keeps your business safe, it also cuts down on time, effort, and costs – our tests are designed to examine a wide range of parameters including speed, reliability, and stability even under maximum user load.

Load Testing Services Provider
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