Robotil is a simple library to press/release keyboard keys, click coordinates, take screen-shot and invoke application on remote machine.

How to use

  • 1) Download Robotil.jar
  • 2) Start Robotil server on a remote machine.
  • 3) Reference Robotil jar in java project on a client machine
  • 4) Create an object for Robotil class by mentioning remote IP and port
  • Now, it is ready to use
  • Example


PressKey To press a keyboard key
ReleaseKey To release a keyboard key
PressAndReleaseKey To press and release a keyboard key.
MouseClick To click X and Y coordinates
InvokeApplication To invoke remote application
PutFile To send a file to a remote machine
CaptureScreen To capture screen-shot




Apache License, Version 2.0


Iva Dimitrova Trendafilova & Asiq Ahamed

Download Robotil

Please fill out the form below to download Robotil.

4 thoughts on “Robotil

  1. I’m not able to run the Robotil. i’m getting this error “Server is not reachable… IP[] Port[6666]”
    Robotil server has started “Robotil server is ready… Port[6666]”
    Is there anything I’m doing wrong.

  2. robotil.putFile(“C:\sourceFile.txt”,”C:\destFile.txt”) throwing error as org.apache.mina.filter.codec.ProtocolEncoderException: org.apache.mina.core.buffer.BufferDataException:

    Is there anything I am doing wrong??

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