SOA and Web Service Testing

SOA plays a significant role in IT infrastructure framework by helping clients reduce the cost of development, Integration and creating services based on business needs. It thus becomes imperative to overcome critical issues associated with integration, compatibility, security and governance.

Codoid's SOA and Web Service Testing Services assure our clients benefit from their investments and experience increased the agility of their SOA implementations.

Maximum Test Coverage

Our web service test automation framework assists to create reusable, easy to manage, and scalable tests with maximum coverage

Regression and Functional testing

The dynamic nature of the Service binding and the adaptability to accommodate the changed requirement is one of the key towards Regression testing on SOA implementations.

SOA Performance Testing

As your SOA grows and evolves over time, it’s essential to check services performance under production loads to assure their scalability.

Companies choose SOA for greater business agility, streamlined workflows, enhanced reusability, high support architecture, and more importantly, for its ability to provide a longer lifespan to enterprise applications. Complex SOA architecture brings in the challenge to manage the governance, integration, and security. Traditional validation processes and related tools prove incapable of testing SOA consistently and within the stipulated time.

Codoid thoroughly understands these challenges and have designed their testing practices to assure their clients SOA implementations bring in expected value, using proprietary test automation accelerators.

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