Test Automation Best Practices & Standards

Best Practices

  • 1. For a successful test automation, management support is essential.
  • 2. Setup dedicated team instead of allocating a team for automation testing during spare time.
  • 3. If your team is new for test automation, then go for a pilot project and get the confidence.
  • 4. Prioritize which test cases to be automated.
  • 5. Collaborate effectively with developers.
  • 6. Smoke tests are a good place to begin with automation.
  • 7. Don't automate unstable functionalities.
  • 8. Make Your Test Automation Benefits Visible to Management.
  • 9. Use BDD framework to create readable and understandable tests.
Test Automation Best Practices


  • 1. Use proper naming conventions for variables, class, methods, folders, tests, and utilities.
  • 2. Implement setup and tear down scripts.
  • 3. Reuse tests instead of duplicating it.
  • 4. For Java8 user: Use Lambda expression to concise your code.
  • 5. Write declarative BDD scenarios. Never write like "I click" & "I enter".
  • 6. Tag your tests and features
  • 7. Tests should be independent and shouldn't depend on order to run consistently.
  • 8. Implement the Page Object Pattern