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Infotainment Testing

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Manufacturers of automotive equipment still face steep challenges when providing in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems that will satisfy and delight customers. Customers seated in the vehicle expect flawless interactivity on the centrally placed touchscreen head unit display (HUD).

The Infotainment system is now part of the vehicle functionality, and integrates several functions that lead to entertainment and information to those traveling in the vehicle. The several functions include connectivity with wireless devices and external communication, satellite network providers, and transmission radio. Additionally, there is a range of multimedia and digital satellite audio reception, and the fact that the moving vehicle would be negotiating several complex and variable scenarios, sometimes interfering with reception.

Our Edge

Infotainment Testing Services
  • Automatic test set-up saving time on additional hardware and test tools
  • State-of-the-art measurement tools and testing method to conduct comprehensive and accurate functionality tests on infotainment devices
  • Compact solutions for reproducible, effective, and safe automated end to end tests
  • Comprehensive audio and video analysis and testing
  • Multi-technology solution – including in-device coexistence tests with other technologies
  • Expertise in detecting issues hard to find with conventional automated and manual tests
  • Accurate validations, monitoring, reporting documentation for each test case

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