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Manual Software Testing Services

Ensuring Quality through our meticulous
Manual Testing Services

Manual Software Testing Companies

Ensuring Quality through our meticulous Manual Testing Services

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Manual Testing Services


Even today, in our automated existence, the human mind, and human endeavour can often trump a computer program. As software complexity increases drastically—year after year—and the amount of cookies grows, the need for expert testing services increases. While automated testing certainly has many fantastic merits, there is still a real need for quality, human-powered, manual software testing. Codoid, among all of its other quality services, is an exceptional manual testing company.

As applications and software increase in their overall complexity, so do bugs. Often, clients will opt for automated testing services because of the speed, cost, and convenience. Although Codoid delivers the best-automated testing available, our manual testing services offer increased debugging. Sometimes you can’t find bugs without a fine-tooth comb. Our manual testing is as fine as it gets.

Our Manual Testing Services

Codoid’s Manual Testing Services Include:
manual testing

User Experience Testing

manual software testing services

Usability Testing

best manual testing services

Test case Creation

manual testing experts

Cross-browser Testing

GUI Testing

GUI Testing

DB Testing

DB testing

QA Testing

Localization Testing

Security Testing

Security Testing

How our Testing Keeps Up with Development

Development and Testing Cycles

Our Lean Test Scripting Approach

Our QA Outsourcing Service prevents Excessive Information that Affects Maintainability

×Excessive Information Affects Maintainability

  • Unnecessary and Irrelevant information will only contribute to your team’s technical debt.
  • The highlighted steps are very obvious checks that every tester will verify.
Our Lean Test Scripts Keep us Laser Focused in QA Outsourcing projects

Lean Test Scripts Keep us Laser Focused

  • Our concise test scripts help our teams to focus on quality assessments instead of spending too much time on test suite maintenance.
  • The flow of our test steps itself will ensure that the tester performs the obvious checks even though they haven’t been specified.

Benefits Of Manual Testing

Automation Testing Services
  • Automated testing can cost a lot of money. By comparison, manual testing is approximately half the price.
  • Manual testing services are more reliable. The human mind is unmatched.
  • Automated testing can take a long time in the lead-up phase. Manual testing however, can often be done before the automated process even begins.
  • Manual testing is done with the end user in mind, keeping the end product user-friendly.
  • Manual testing services are more flexible; you can mould features according to personal preferences.
  • The end result software is often more creative and analytic, due to the power of the human mind.

Why Choose our Manual Testing Services ?

Codoid’s manual testing services are the premiere manual services worldwide. We don’t say this to brag—we say this because of the confidence we have in our abilities, and our vast and diverse experience.
Manual Testing Company
  • Highly qualified software engineers tackle your job and deliver a great result, everytime.
  • We are detail oriented. That’s why our team keeps you up to date so you can track our progress in real time. We’ve found that his trust-building exercise gives our clients peace of mind, while keeping them abreast of the work.
  • Codoid’s manual testing offers the widest range of services of any testing company. Each one of these services is carried out with the utmost care, professionalism, and quality.

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