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Maximize Speed & Efficiency with our
Comprehensive Performance Testing Services

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Maximize Speed & Efficiency with our Comprehensive Performance Testing Services

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Performance testing of your applications is of the utmost importance to ensure a successful product. Oftentimes, performance-related bugs aren’t discovered until the application goes live. This can be horribly damaging to your business’ reputation. Proper performancing testing is absolutely vital to avoid this kind of catastrophic and embarrassing scenario. CODOID makes sure your application is functioning at peak performance.

At CODOID, we’ve built our reputation on our superior performance testing services. We guarantee a smooth landing for your product. We test and predict application performance in real-life, and simulated scenarios. This is the KEY to our success. Without using real-life scenarios, you can’t properly ascertain where bugs and faults may lie. With CODOID’s performance testing, we ensure you application is responsible and reliable enough to respond at peak times—whether a summer sale, or a Black Friday special.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional performance testing using our expertise and finely tuned technical skills. We strive to have your business applications running as smoothly as they can. Your customer’s seamless experience matters—that’s why we make it our top priority. CODOID is the best in the business at what we do—delivering stellar performance testing.

Benefits Of Codoid’s Performance Testing Services

  • Early Problem Identification: Codoid’s performance testing services ensures the identification of problems as early as possible, to avoid future risk.
  • Facilitation of Changes: At Codoid, your programmers can makes changes to the coding during the testing itself, or later on. Through this, we ensure the system continues operating at full capacity.
  • Quality Insight: Codoid provides you with peace of mind, by giving you crystal clear insight into how your product functions.
  • Overall Improvement: With Codoid, you also get the benefit of improving the overall quality of your application. Our expert testing engineers create new, higher quality standards.
  • Documentation: CODOID prepares an organized, readable review of our work, so that your team can go through the results of our work.

Specialized Performance Testing Services
With The Latest Advanced Technologies

In today’s digital world, one of the biggest challenges for businesses is meeting the increasingly rigorous demands of their users or customers. Failure to meet, and exceed, these expectations can have a serious negative impact on a business. Reputation and customer loyalty can both suffer. At CODOID we understand the need to hit it out of the park. We bring the latest tools and technologies, along with our expert knowledge to ensure you do just that.

We are committed to providing full-cycle performance testing services. These services are designed to manage, remove, and alleviate performance-related issues within your mission-critical business applications. With CODOID, every possibility and eventually has been taken care of. You’ll know exactly what to expect from your application before it goes live. Work with CODOID to take care of any potential future bottleneck, before they impact your users.

Performance Testing Process

  • Thorough examination of and identification of cases for performance testing
  • Understanding variety of load situations, followed by setting up of the performance test structure / plan
  • Test scripts for performance testing at user interface and API levels
  • Implement the performance tests
  • This is where we identify problem areas
  • At this stage we deliver detailed and in-depth analysis of the performance testing results. Based on this, we provide recommendations on how to improve performance of the client’s application.

Performance Measurement

Mobile App Testing Services


The amount of time an application is available to the end user. Lack of availability is significant because many applications will have a substantial business cost for even a small outage.


Response Time

Response time is measured from the time between the end user requesting a response from the application and a complete reply arriving at the user’s workstation.

response time


Throughput is one of the key metrics. It indicates the number of transactions per second an application can handle, the amount of transactions produced over time during a test.

cpu icon


Resource utilization is a way to track how busy various resources of a computer system are when running a performance test. Key areas are – CPU, Memory, Disk, & Network

On-Demand Testing

FACT: 46% of mobile users will leave a page if its loading time is longer than 3 seconds.

CODOID solves this problem with our Performance Testing Services. Our goal and our passion is to increase your business’ productivity by ensuring all strategies are perfectly aligned to react to explosive market conditions, and ever-changing needs. CODOID’s services meet these challenging standards. We ensure volume, scalability, and performance.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with our first job. We provide ongoing and continuous support, and guidance to our clients in every facet of their product. Our team are handpicked because of their experience, knowledge, and client services. Look no further than CODOID for THE BEST performance testing services on the market.

Why Choose Us?

At CODOID we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver the ultimate in performance testing services. Below are some of the ways CODOID stands out from the pack:
  • We are equipped with extensive performance testing and engineering service labs.
  • In-house or remote testing services with us, as per your preference.
  • We use an indigenous performance testing practice that allows us to perform cost-effective and time-saving testing.
  • We deliver timely, and quality assured testing services based on your business needs.
  • Reliable and effective end to end performance testing solutions.
  • We have an expert team of testers and engineers who have in-depth knowledge in the field.
  • Our testers and engineers use a holistic and unique approach, that delivers premiere quality testing.

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