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automated visual regression testing

Visual Regression Testing

Still doing manual regression testing?







We are the experts in the realm of automated visual regression testing and layout verification, combining QA experience and proficiency with contemporary and best visual testing tools. We consistently help businesses to streamline and automate their visual testing test cases, which is one of the reasons they stay ahead of their competitors.

Conducting visual regression testing manually is not only prone to defects but is also highly time-consuming and laborious. We at Codoid use automated testing to help accelerate the cycle time, expand coverage, and help get your product to market faster. We offer a range of in-depth and inclusive visual testing services, and our experts would be happy to explain.

Visual Regression Testing

Visual Testing

Regression Testing

This form of testing is essential for businesses that are dependent on software to deliver the intended service and performance outcomes for their customers. Conducting such testing in-house can prove to be highly time-intensive, laborious, and expensive. Your business can leverage the extensive experience of the experts at Codoid, and gain the best test coverage and achieve top quality in a shorter timeframe.

Connect with us to see the significant impact visual checks have on all the existing web-automated tests. Our AI-driven visual testing adds a significant number of unknown authentications, which may not have been conceived or thought to be possible. We serve to reduce the risk of bugs and defects using automated tools – replacing manual verifications which is the method used traditionally for visual checks and validation. We help you stay ahead and be future-ready.

QA Automation

This is essential to help companies reduce time and operating expenses, and we help to keep pace with the market demand of speed for delivery cycles. We are equipped to use the tools for automation testing covering complex environments including devices, browsers, multiple channels and formats of delivery. We help companies cover global markets faster, and respond quickly to customer feedback. Our experts apply the latest best practices of Agile Testing, test-driven development, and continuous integration to affect swift positive changes. Our automated testing services cover mobile and web services on all environments, either in the cloud or on location. Our job is to take your software and applications from good to great.

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