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Virtual and Augmented Reality App Testing

VR & AR App Testing

AR and VR apps need more extensive and in-depth testing because they are more sophisticated & represent futuristic software.





AR and VR apps need more extensive and in-depth testing because they are more sophisticated and represent futuristic software. Testing can become extremely complicated if there are no approvals for the required testing standards, which is why businesses need an expert company such as ours.

We are backed by state of the art testing research and methodologies, in-depth experience in understanding AR and VR, and the expertise in ensuring the widest reach of device coverage.

Connect with us to work with the best Virtual and Augmented Reality App testers and insure an impeccable quality of your apps.

Benefits of Using our VR & AR App Testing Services

  • Functional Testing – With a team of dedicated, experienced, and passionate QA testers we specialize in performing exploratory tests and implementing test cases, while completely integrating with the SDLC
  • Usability testing – The pre-production testing to check whether the use case is aligned with the preferences and needs of your target audience. Running the tests also helps to gather workable feedback on usability and the manner of interaction of the users.
  • Immersive Testing – Characteristically VR requires a distinct hardware to function. We ensure that the device works well and remains compatible with existing software and devices for successful simulation
  • Testing Hardware – We can proficiently help your business to understand and are able to provide recommendations on the physical environment required for your audience who would use the virtual reality app
Why Codoid?

Why Us?

We at Codoid understand that AR and VR are disruptive technologies, which can have a deep and far reaching impact on several aspects of our lives in the not so distant future. Despite the fact that testing software, applications, and hardware within this realm poses a significant challenge, our experts triumph.

This is because of robust combination of years of experience, technical skills, visual insights, creative thinking, innovative solutions, and passion for the realm. It is these attributes that enable us to help our clients deliver the best products, service, and content required for this highly competitive and volatile space.

We have been a frontrunner in this realm, with our proficient experts knowing exactly how the platforms of AR and VR work, ensuring that they can swiftly put together the most appropriate testing strategy. The testing solutions for systems, hardware, integration of platforms, and compatibility of devices, put together by our experts are innovative and groundbreaking in several ways.

Our team of experts have laser-like precision with regard to evaluating the business needs of our clients, looking for any opportunity for optimization and innovation, and making suggestions that the business may not have conceived or believed as doable. The advantage we bring is that post in-depth analysis of your business requirement we put forward unique and fresh testing solutions that would be customized for your business needs. The fact is that the realm of AR and VR is very different, and just as only specialized teams can develop this technology, so also Virtual and Augmented Reality App testing services is the stronghold of companies such as us.

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