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Web Application Automation Testing Services

Web App Automation

We develop a strong suite of automated tests to make your product code stable.






Codoid’s web application automation testing services include creating robust automated regression suite using the tools like Selenium, Protractor, Cypress & CodeceptJS and test automation framework design.

We at Codoid maintain Selenium regression suites of various products and all our clients make changes to their application code fearlessly.

Though the industry has more approaches and frameworks for web application automation testing, Codoid’s framework setup, scripting best practices & standards and object locating strategy are different and reduce false positives.


Web App

Not able to reap benefits from automation testing?

Writing an automated test script is an easy job; it can be done by anyone who has limited knowledge in automation testing. However, thinking about script maintenance, executing automated tests in multiple browsers, following up best practices, using right framework and tool are crucial aspects. We, at Codoid, know how to create reliable and maintainable test scripts which can be utilized for the longer run without modifications unless there is no UI or functionality change.

Now the industry is developing web applications using Javascript. Why can’t we develop automated test scripts using Javascript? We encourage our customers to test AngularJS applications using Protractor framework.

We, at Codoid, use Protractor, Cucumber-js, Chaijs and Gruntjs to develop Javascript automated test suites.

Why Codoid?

  • Test Automation Experts – Our test automation architects and experts help in implementing test automation using Selenium, Protractor, JavaScript, Java, Python and Ruby and setting up agile test automation strategy. Our experts have developed freeware automation testing utilities VisGrid, Fillo and Robotil which are used widely by the automation testing community.
  • Framework Setup – Though we have various ready to use open source test automation frameworks, framework customization for parallel execution, test data setup for different environments and automation testing design patterns are always required. We are expertise in automation testing framework setup.
  • Coding Practices – We treat the automated tests the same way how our client treats the production code and maintain the versions of test scripts that go with a particular version of application code. Our automation testing approach helps the testing team to produce robust and reliable scripts even if the team members vary in experience, skills and perspectives.

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