VisGrid is a GUI for Selenium Grid. You can start Selenium grid hub, create and attach nodes very easily and quickly. You can also find a list of a list of previous releases and release notes

How to use?

  • 1) Download and extract ‘’ wherever you want
  • 2) Double click ‘VisGrid.jar’
  • 3) Click Start Hub button
  • 4) Now Hub is started and ‘Create Node’ & ‘Stop Hub’ buttons are displayed
  • 5) Click ‘Create Node’ button
  • 6) Select a browser and click ‘Add’ button
  • 7) That’s it. You have created Hub and attached a node successfully
  • 8) Hit http://localhost:4444/grid/console to cross check your actions


VisGrid-1.25 Selenium-3.141.59


Apache License, Version 2.0

Report issues/Suggest Features

VisGrid-Google Group

Download VisGrid

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8 thoughts on “VisGrid

  1. it looks amazing and you have done a great job , but facing one challenge , if hub and nodes are to be created on two different machine , how will we achieve this ? Please suggest.

    1. Hello Sean, VisGrid contains all the required driver exe files. Maybe because of that Windows Defender have alerted you.

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