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Codoid is one of the leading mobile app testing companies, offering in-depth and wide expertise in mobile app testing services, across industries. We have proved to be a value added partner for our clients by aligning with and realizing their vision and fulfilling their business needs with regard to mobile solutions. There is a sharp and increasing trend of mobile usage to access apps and the internet, which means that ensuring top quality user experience is extremely critical to success. Our experts work with clients to maintain the seamless and superlative user experience, while adhering to stringent budgets, strict timelines, and reducing costs and time to market. We use a wide range of testing tools, technology, and know-how to manage myriad operating systems, platforms and mobile devices.

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We’re a mobile app testing company you can trust

Our range of mobile app testing services includes – functional, compatibility, user experience, compliance, test automation, localization, security, and infrastructure support. Connect with us to transfer all your mobile testing worries to us.

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On Demand Mobile App Testing Services

If we told you that at least 25% users leave an app post a single usage and it is thus getting increasingly tough to retain user attention, would you agree?

What is additionally noteworthy is the fact that usage is the top metric for the app economy, and hence to keep your app with highest usage and rating, the app must have frequent updates, ease of use, and seamless navigation. This is where our top class mobile testing services (in addition to a host of other services) play a game changing role. We ensure that we deliver excellent user experience through agile and continuous testing.

While users globally use myriad devices for multiple networks, and this number, is increasing significantly, while the percentage of top class mobile app testing companies with expertise in the right tools and environments has not risen proportionately.

We offer on demand mobile app testing services, which ensure that any issues that could ruin customer experience are removed before code goes into production. We deliver quality, speed, agility, and top performance. Simple!

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The benefits from our Automated and Manual Mobile App Testing Services are manifold

  • 1. Quick and progressive testing
  • 2. Rapid feedback
  • 3. Expertise in setting on-premise test infrastructure
  • 4. Knowledge of automation tools like Selenium, Appium, and SeeTest
  • 5. Extensive reporting
  • 6. Reusable test library
  • 7. Complete training to clients’ team for setting up automation
  • 8. Comprehensive test coverage with manual and automation testing

Why are We the Best Mobile App Testing Company

We provide top quality app testing solutions across industries, platforms devices, and OSs, thereby saving you time and money, given the wide coverage. We ensure that the bugs and error correction works across all devices, and with an efficient QA process, you can focus on your product rather than being concerned with app errors and functioning. Our expert team will verify complete functionality and testing coverage – just by way of one sample you would be able to judge the quality of the coverage. We are extremely passionate about testing and improving QA, and have a strong team of testers for a variety of testing that your app may require – including manual, automation, performance testing, and more. The edge we bring is that our team of professionals have in-depth experience in the realm of mobile app testing for clients across the globe, spanning various industries and business size, and all types of devices – and we work around the clock to make it convenient for our global clients.

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Our claims around mobile app testing are corroborated by the increase in our customer base, and the rising number of happy ones. We have a significant number of positive feedback, several reports, and project details to substantiate our claims. We offer amongst the most cost effective offers, and ensure cost savings throughout the association. We have managed to remain competitive with regard to pricing despite the high quality mobile app testing services we afford – challenging the notion that the best is always the costliest. Our aim is to strictly adhere to the budget agreed upon for the completion of an assignment, which keeps our clients at peace.

We follow a proactive approach, uncovering issues even before our clients know about or face them – our mobile app testing solutions are speedy, scalable, agile, and maintain a laser like focus on quality. Codoid stands for transparency, uniqueness, and efficiency and we completely manage end-to-end mobile application testing. We offer global talent and a dedicated team, who help develop mobile test plans, keep the process in check, and deliver structured results, each time. Connect with us to get the best in class mobile app testing services and so much more.