Test Automation Reporting Tools

Test automation reporting is an important component in automation framework. Once your automated test suites are executed, test results will be the only artefacts to analyse failures. You will be forced to execute the failed test cases to investigate it further, if you don't report the failures properly. As a test automation services company, we use automation testing dashboard reporting tools to report the results and logs. In this blog article, we have listed few key test automation reporting tools which are widely used by automation testing communities across the globe.

Perfecto - Smart ReportingThis is a commercial automation testing reporting tool from Perfecto. Smart reporting is implemented with AI Powered algorithms which provide the insights you need and reduce false negatives for less noisy reporting. This is the best Visual Analytics Tool for Test Reporting.

CalliopeCalliope.pro is a DevOps tool which generates comprehensive test results. You can also publish the results from Cucumber, TestNG and JUnit. This is also a paid tool and its web dashboard allows your team to visualize and analyse the test results.

Dashing.ioDashing is a dashboard framework. If you would like to customize your dashboard report and are not interested in paid or other predefined test automation reporting tools, then Dashing.io will be the right choice for you. You can build dashboard using Json output from test automation execution.

AllureAllure is an open-source framework designed to create test execution reports that are clear to everyone in the team. It has client libraries for the following programming languages - Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Scala and C#.

Extent Reporting FrameworkWith Extent Framework, you can create beautiful, interactive and detailed reports for your tests. Add events, screenshots, tags, devices, authors or any other relevant information you decide is important to create an informative and a stunning report.

ReportPortal.ioReportPortal web dashboard provides AI powered automation testing report. You can manage all your automation results and reports in one place and submit & track defects with full evidence (logs, screenshots, comments, etc.) directly from a failed test case into a bug tracking system.

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