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4 Test Automation Mistakes the Every QA Team Should Avoid

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4 Test Automation Mistakes the Every QA Team Should Avoid - Blog
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In the world of software development, no product could ever face success without undergoing thorough and rigorous testing. Test automation is essential as it ensures that the end product delivered is stable and works according to the required specifications. However, QA teams and automation testing companies are not immune to making mistakes. In fact, any mistakes they made could potentially cost time, money, and trust that could easily derail the product’s success. Here are four common test automation mistakes your team should avoid at all times.

Not Identifying What Should and Shouldn’t Be Automated

For a tester, understanding what areas to automate and how it will help the organization is the basic rule of thumb for test automation success. It’s why you do the things you do. 

However, there are times when you might be tempted to jump in and start hunting for tools to do the job. Don’t be too hasty about it, and make sure to clearly identify first which tasks to automate and which ones to execute manually. This will effectively be your guiding principle throughout the testing process. Failure to do so is a recipe for disaster.

Automating the Wrong Things

In a way, this is the result of mistake number one. Because you failed to identify what areas to automate, you risk making mistakes and automating the wrong things. Many teams try to automate tasks that aren’t actually good candidates for automation. One big miscalculation in this area is trying to translate your existing testing activities one-to-one into automation. Doing this is a huge waste of time and effort, leaving you to focus on things that don’t need to be automated at all. Keep your priorities straight, and don’t forget why you’re doing the testing in the first place.

Picking the Wrong Tools

There are many different problems you want to solve with automation, and one tool can’t solve all of them. That’s why picking the right tools is essential. The thing is, a lot of QA managers and automation testing companies are always looking for that one tool that could solve everything for them. The truth is, it just doesn’t exist.

The key is finding out what problem you want to solve with a tool, rather than buying a tool and then finding a problem for it. It’s best to design specific problems you need to solve before shopping around for a tool.

Failure to Coordinate with Fellow Testers

There are many people involved in a testing team. All these people are equipped with a different skill set that can prove invaluable to you. While they have their own specializations, that doesn’t mean you don’t discuss the progress of your tasks with them. Coordination is key to accelerating product delivery. Without coordination, you risk committing more mistakes and taking more time to fix those mistakes. If everyone is on the same page, they can respond better if something doesn’t go according to plan.


When handling an automation testing project, you need to be mindful of every little detail, including avoiding any pitfalls such as the ones mentioned above. While it is good to learn from your mistakes, it is always better to be preventive, especially if we’re talking about developing software.

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