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Automated Software Testing Services: Does Your App Need It?

Traditionally, humans are responsible for QA. QA covers everything from minor rendering glitches to security vulnerabilities, so it’s essential to have a team that can respond to and rectify a range of issues.

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In the software industry, QA or quality assurance is vital in ensuring app rollouts that reach a certain standard. At this stage in development, a business might hire a software testing company to ensure the product’s accuracy and reusability. QA is when the software team detects and corrects bugs, checks reporting capabilities and resource efficiency, and ensures they have end-to-end optimization.

Automated testing services are becoming popular today and are changing the industry for the better. Automation testing companies run these quality checks for regression testing, user environment simulation, and others. Before diving into why some people are automating this process, it helps to know more about it.

Why automate quality assurance processes?

Traditionally, humans are responsible for QA. QA covers everything from minor rendering glitches to security vulnerabilities, so it’s essential to have a team that can respond to and rectify a range of issues. 

Automating tests does not eliminate the need for manual testing services since you still need experts to analyze results. According to software developers, DevOps, Lean, and Agile are things to watch for in the coming months or years.

As a result of these trends, the entire software development team would be responsible for quality assurance; it will not rely solely on QA testers in the future. Problem-solving and critical thinking will inform the majority of these teams’ tasks.

When you use test automation services, you reduce maintenance costs and get a higher ROI. In manual software testing, it is easy to commit errors, especially in apps with several hundred lines of code. Automation takes care of repetitive tasks and executes these rapidly.

Furthermore, automation tools can report and log test scripts to show their status to users. Comparing the results of these reports to others will give development teams a more accurate picture of how the software operates and shows whether the app fulfills the requirements it needs to.

What does automation look like for QA?

QA automation starts with creating a folder structure that enables easy tracking of items. Aside from ensuring quality, this process is concerned with portability, syncing folder hierarchies with different drive locations and types of applications.

When you deploy automated tests, you also address errors and recovery scenarios within the framework instead of the script. Frameworks are environment-independent; you can configure your operating system or browser to ensure that you don’t need to touch the scripts to update test data. Furthermore, automation means being able to test in batches and capture results in screenshots, which lets you understand in greater detail any defects that you might encounter. 

You can have automated testing for both GUI and API, enabling you to eliminate human variables in evaluating the app’s effectiveness, response time, and accuracy. It’s possible to document everything from scripting guidelines to naming conventions and more. 


Whether you’re developing a testing plan for an in-house team or using SaaS from an automation testing company, quality assurance lets you continuously improve your framework and take it to maturity. When you automate some processes, you reduce the number of hours your team puts into the manual effort, making them more productive and preparing them for complex, higher-order tasks like strategizing and planning.

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