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Best Ways to Reduce Testing and Automation Costs

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As a business you would constantly be mulling over reducing testing and automation costs, albeit without conceding or making concessions on the quality of your product. Those who may have erred would understand the disastrous consequences for their business with regard to poor quality products resulting from shoddy software testing. As a leading Test Automation Company we know the major overhaul required post-release for applications and software in order to save company reputation and prevent loss of user loyalty. Companies spend big monies on allocating a large number of resources for software projects, and yet there are no guarantees that the ROI would justify these humongous expenses. On the other end of the spectrum, some companies allocate too few resources, which too prove detrimental to the ‘health’ of envisaged the software/application.

It is, therefore, necessary to find a perfect balance of time, costs, and effort, and it makes sense to partner with a company experienced in delivering top-class automation testing services within budgets and timelines. We enlist some ways to bring down the costs of testing and automation without any compromise on the quality and output of the software.

Automation Costs

Testing as Early as Possible

As an experienced Automation Testing Company we always recommend testing products early on in the SDLC to avoid problems and errors close to release or post-release. It is important for the QA and development teams to work cohesively and in collaboration in order to reduce the possibilities of production errors. It stands to reason that the earlier errors are identified the cost of rectifying them would be a lot lower than the costs for the ones discovered post-release – in fact in our experience, fixing defects and bugs at a later stage costs at least 30 times more than doing so at the prototype stage.

Testing Strategy must Balance Costs and Benefits

Most companies make the costly mistake of assessing efficiency by way of test coverage versus cost. This is incorrect since test coverage, is not an efficient metric – low test coverage is mostly a cause of problems, while high test coverage may not actually mean anything. Right test coverage is important and it is possible to know what this through simple methods. The production stage should rarely have bugs and changing code would not be a feared activity – these are two criteria that make the right test coverage. It is important that only the optimal time and resources are spent on test coverage, and hence both teams (development and QA) must work together to ensure the best test coverage, with minimal errors and costs.

Outline Goals and Expectations

An experienced testing partner will ask relevant and suitable questions in order to understand the product quality required by a business. The answers to these questions would serve as the foundation and stepping stones to ensure optimal and top-class product quality. The goals and expectations should get answered through the right questions, based on which the testing team would be able to put together some key performance indicators. These should include the types of testing, milestones and due dates of testing, possible risks, and challenges. An experienced testing team will ensure balanced and wise automated testing such that time, money, and effort are used minimally.

Quality is Better than Quantity

Partnering with an experienced, expert, and skilled company would get you all the services required within a budget and timelines, and higher quality than you may believe possible. It does not make sense to hire expensive human resources to handle projects that may or may not be qualified to understand the needs and requirements of the business. We have helped several clients with their projects, achieving a high level of success through ensuring top-quality products consistently. Outsourcing to us as the QA experts will get you all the benefits your project deserves.

In Conclusion

As experts, we endorse the view that testing and automation are the cornerstones for high quality applications and software. Yes, everything requires an investment of time, money, and effort, and it is imperative for a company to weigh the costs against the benefits of test automation. Enlisting the services of professionals will ensure that your business will get the best strategy and coverage for the project in question and for future projects as well. As a skilled company we offer – the use of the best tools, ways to hasten the process, remain mindful of possible challenges and bottlenecks, make the process easier and more accessible, keep to timelines, and most importantly keep costs to the minimum – all of this with top-class customer service. We at Codoid provide the Best Automation Testing Services to stride ahead of your competition and to ensure that your products continue to be loved and used by your target audience.


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