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Essential Components of an Effective Test Automation Strategy

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Planning and strategy are the cornerstones of the SDLC and the main aim of testing should be to ensure that business requirements are met and the customer receives a product with zero defects. As a high-quality software testing company we consistently strive to meet this aim, gaining for us a wide base of happy and long-term customers. An effective test automation strategy requires some serious planning and in-depth expertise.

Effective Test Automation Strategy

Even the most efficiently run business needs an efficient automation testing company partner to ensure that testing exercises run smoothly and the end product is defect-free – we are the go-to partner. We are experts in the realm of Automation Testing Services with experience in building cost-effective automation testing strategies for our clients, with result-orientation. We know that the absence of an effective test automation strategy, or even a poorly constructed one, would be the cause of testing failure. This in turn would lead to poor user experience, causing major losses both in terms of money and reputation of a company.

How Critical to Success is a Test Automation Strategy?

With the growth in market challenges and customer demands, software testing has undergone some significant transformations. Businesses want applications and software that can withstand pressures, including customer expectations, the risk of bugs, and security threats. Agile and DevOps approach ensures that testing is done regularly and thoroughly – forming a critical part of the overall test automation strategy. As experts in the realm of Test Automation Services and more, we understand the use of this approach to make the testing process faster, repeatable, and leading to a high-quality application.

Most appropriate test automation tool selectionThis is the main component that can guarantee the success of a test automation strategy. There are several tools in the market, and the ones we select are based on the testing and feature requirements. We consider parameters such as maintenance, the cost of the tool, training, and support required, the performance and stability of the tool, and more. Our clients gain peace of mind in addition to seamless testing and top-quality product.

Establishing Test Automation EnvironmentAfter identifying the needs of the test environment and acquiring tools and licenses, the test environment must be set up – replicating the production environment. This essentially implies that the configuration on each server of both hardware and software will be the same.

Automation Scripts must be ReusableThe code or script and framework should be reusable across teams at an organizational level. This reduces the time and effort required to develop scripts in the future.

Meticulous Execution and Management of Test CasesThe strategy must include a well-defined process to execute and manage the test cases, as per the defined criteria for success.

Result-OrientationThe results of each run of test automation must be measurable and have a result orientation. The test metrics of varying KPIs and dashboards would ensure the quantification and qualification of the software and highlight the standards of quality of the software before launching to the market.

Capture Learning in DocumentationIn the course of software development there would be several things that should be captured as learning for the future. It is important to put together robust documentation to ensure that future test automation strategies would be better and improved – especially not repeating mistakes from the past.

In Conclusion

As testing experts we can help businesses by recommending tools and techniques that would guarantee top results. As a testing partner, we prevent high maintenance, cost, and time by consistently revisiting and updating the automation test suites based on the previous latest version – over time. Since we are the experts, it is easy for us to run this as a continuous activity, allowing us to remove obsolete test cases, and regularly upgrade the automation suite with new functionalities. We understand the importance and practicability of setting short-term goals that are revisited periodically to ensure an iterative incremental model, which would lead to a robust and effective test automation strategy. Connect with us to know more about our expertise.


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