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Key Pillars that Make a Solid Test Automation Strategy

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Developing software products for tech-driven businesses is dominating the landscape. As the digital transformation continues to reform several industries, setting a fool-proof test automation strategy becomes more important than ever. 

Satisfying customers and offering products that can guarantee better functionality for different work settings are goals that every software company should reach; that’s why it’s worth putting the spotlight on one of the most critical stages in the process: automation testing. 

This phase reveals your performance, effectiveness, and inefficiencies that need improvement, so it begs the question: what are the key elements that ensure your mobile app test automation strategy is results-driven and successful?

Powerful Pillars that Build a Stronger Testing Automation Strategy 

Factor #1: The Right Automation Testing Tools 

The automation tools you use for your project will set the tone for your testing efforts. With that in mind, the first step to enhance your test automation strategy is to implement the best tools that meet your unique needs—be it mobile app testing tools, web application automation testing, and more. 

There are no hard rules when it comes to selecting the best tools; you only need to choose the ones that deliver the required features and functionality that matches your testing requirements. Some of the best performing and cost-effective tools for testing automation include Test Complete, WAPT, Ranorex, and Microsoft Test Manager. 

Factor #2: Type of Tests Included in an Automated Test Suite

Not all scripts and sequences in a new automation test suite are applicable for all products; that’s why your team needs to assess your current operations and deploy the right elements that will yield better results for your project without disrupting the functionality of your software. 

Creating a testing pyramid can reveal stages in the process that are relevant to your new test case—from testing levels, role distribution, task ownership, and the appropriate frequency for your tests.

Factor #3: Standardized Automation Scripts 

Starting from scratch when automation testing different software can eat up plenty of time, money, and development efforts, so supplementing your testing with reusable automation scripts can maximize your process. If you’re working on projects that follow the same outline, then reusing a standardized framework can do wonders for easing your team’s workload. 

The Bottom Line: Breaking Down the Building Blocks of an Effective Test Automation Strategy

Testing your mobile application’s performance, functionality, usability, and user engagement can be tricky, especially since the process can be time-consuming and complex in more ways than one. 

Improving your test automation strategy is an essential step in ensuring your software products exceed the market’s expectations, so collaborating with testing companies like Codoid can supercharge your strategy by ensuring your end-to-end testing goes as smoothly as possible.

How Can Codoid Help You?

If you’re looking for performance testing companies, Codoid is here to help you. 

We are an industry leader in QA, leading and guiding communities and clients with our passion for development and innovation. Our team of highly skilled engineers can help your team through software testing meetup groups, software quality assurance events, automation testing, and more. 

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