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List of Continuous Integration Tools

In this blog, we have listed the most popular Continuous Integration Tools.

List of Continuous Integration Tools
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Nowadays, Knowledge of Continuous Integration tools is a must-have skill for an automation tester. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery are automated approaches to produce applications effectively & reliably. The process of Continuous Integration is set up through a pipeline. Each step has its own rules and conditions.

Suppose a test automation engineer wants to configure automated scripts that validate the functionalities before & after deployment. In that case, he/she should be familiar with the continuous integration tool used by your project team.

Some project teams use separate code repositories for automation testing. Suppose you have the automation test scripts in the application code repository. In that case, everyone in the group can utilize the automated test suite, and as an automation tester, you will also understand how the code is flowing in the pipeline.

In this blog, we have listed the most popular Continuous Integration Tools.


Jenkins is the widely used Continuous Integration tool. Since it is an open-source tool and easy to use, everyone loves it. If you are looking for Jenkins Enterprise support, you can approach CloudBees, the company which created Jenkins. The power of Jenkins is it has over 1500+ plugins.

If Jenkins’ base functionalities don’t satisfy your needs, you can search for suitable plugins to accomplish the intended setup.

Nowadays, in every automation tester’s profile, Jenkins is mentioned as one of the technical skills.


Bamboo is a commercial CI tool. If your team is a fan of Atlassian products and wants a close integration with Jira, Bamboo is right. You can add free & commercial plugins from Atlassian Marketplace.

Bamboo allows you to configure pipelines using Web UI or spec files. The supported file formats for spec file configurations are YAML and Java.


TeamCity is one of the products from JetBrains. You can use up to 100 builds and three agents from the free license. The advantage of TeamCity is it allows you to view and configure pipelines from JetBrains IDE and Visual Studio.

You can purchase more agents when the need arises and configure pipelines in XML or Kotlin files.


GoCD is a free and open-source continuous integration tool. GoCD allows you to configure pipelines in XML, JSON, and YAML formats.

Travis CI

Travis CI is free for open-source projects. If your open-source code is in Github and is looking for a useful CI tool, Travis will be the go-to choice. Travis CI allows you to extend its capability with third-party applications, clients, tools, and libraries.


CodeShip is a cloud-based CI tool. It comes in two plans – CodeShip Basic and CodeShip Pro. You can configure pipelines on Web UI in a basic plan, and the tasks will be run on reconfigured Docker containers. If you want customized containers to run the tasks and YAML file based configurations, you will have to go for the CodeShip Pro plan.

Codeship Basic plan is free up to 100 builds per month with unlimited user access. The pro plan’s pricing is calculated based on the number of builds and VMs you will use.


CicleCI uses a variety of Docker containers. For mobile app development, CircleCI provides images to build & test Android applications. In the free plan, you will get 1000 build minutes per month with one container.

In Conclusion

As one of the leading software testing companies, we have used various CI tools to execute automation test suites. However, for building the freeware products developed by Codoid, we use the Jenkins CI tool.

In this blog article, you have just learned necessary information about the popular Continuous Integration tools. When you go through the pipeline details on the CI tool, you will know the importance of the automation test scripts and their use.


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