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Main Considerations before Automating Tests

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Main Considerations before Automating Tests - Blog
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The benefits of test automation are widely known – delivering high-quality software and solutions speedily and cost-effectively. Automating tests is about assuming that the tests will be conducted repeatedly and with fewer errors. Despite these benefits, it is necessary to remember that automation of tests needs careful consideration prior to implementation owing to the time and financial investment required.

Working with a professional Test Automation Services Company will help to answer your questions and would consider several aspects before suggesting automation of tests. As experts, we will help define the requirements, put together goals, assess ROI, and ensure complete clarity for all stakeholders. We at Codoid, have put together a list of considerations required prior to automating tests.

Automating Tests

  • When a product has several new releases and defect correction in a running module, automation becomes necessary to check that the bug corrections have not introduced other bugs. The previous functionality would need testing as well, and doing this repeatedly manually would not be an efficient or effective method. The costs in terms of resources, time, and effort would not justify manual testing.
  • It is far more effective to automate the tests for web applications that would have a very large number of users simultaneously interacting with the application. Creating the users manually would be extremely tough and time-intensive.
  • Automate tests if there are frequent functional changes and GUI is almost static.
  • Check the risks of automated testing prior to switching tests to automated mode. As an expert Automation Testing Services Company, we understand the many challenges and risks associated with test automation. Lack of skilled in-house resources is a major risk. Without personnel with programming knowledge, technical abilities, and the skill to adapt speedily to new technologies, automating tests could prove damaging. While manual testing requires investment to hire top-quality manual testers, automation has its share of costs. The initial in-house setup costs including buying automation tools, training the staff, and also maintaining test scripts are quite steep. Several companies now decide in favor of a highly skilled and professional partner offering Automation Testing Services, which proves cost-effective and mitigates the risks of software automation testing.
  • Basic User Interface (UI) automation suffices if it is constantly changing. To automate a consistently changing UI would mean incurring a very high cost for script maintenance. As experts, we do not recommend this.
  • Unless using an agile environment, it is not recommended to switch to automated testing in the early stages of SDLC since the costs will be prohibitive.
  • Complete or 100% automation is not feasible or possible. There are several areas such as testing for compatibility, installation, recovery, UI, documentation – which must be tested manually.
  • There are several tests that only require to be run once, and hence would not be a part of regression. Such tests/modules must not be automated.
  • The automation suite should be usable or run about 15-20 times each for individual builds in order to pose a high ROI.

In Conclusion

While automation testing is the top method to achieve most of the objectives of testing, and is also the most effective use of time and resources, it is important to remain aware of the considerations of automating tests. It is not a wise move to expect unskilled and inexperienced staff to manage the expensive and comprehensive automation tools. Handling these tools is best left to the experts. We at Codoid recommend a combination of both manual and automation testing to achieve top results for projects. Connect with our experts to experience the benefits of both types of testing and who will ensure that your products gain the highest ROI for you.


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