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Major Roadblocks of Continous Testing: What You Can Do

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We live in an era where instant gratification is wanted by each customer that buys a product or service. Knowing this, it is critical that businesses keep up with their customers’ expectations to prevent losing sales and customers to their business rivals. To do this, it is a must that companies administer continuous testing to their software to ensure that it will always be up to par with what customers expect.

However, getting started with continuous testing may not be something that comes naturally to everyone. Plus, even if you do get the ball rolling for your continuous testing for your software development processes, you may still face some significant roadblocks. This blog post will shed some light on what these possible challenges may be and how to deal with them.

Major Roadblocks of Continous Testing: What You Can Do

There are three major roadblocks that may hinder the development of the software that you offer. Overcoming these challenges is the key to ensuring that you keep your clients happy and satisfied in the long run. 

1 – Bottlenecks Caused by Time and Resource Restrictions

Many times, the time and resources that are needed to complete sustainable development and test automation are underestimated. This being said, testing may come to a halt if these considerations are not thought of beforehand.

What You Can Do: Before getting started, it is vital to establish a testing agenda that supports reuse and data-driven testing. It is also critical that the testing team keeps individual test results up to date with the improvements being made to the software. 

2 – Complexity

It can be extremely easy to get lost in the technical complexity of the test automation process. This task requires a vast amount of technical knowledge to be done correctly. 

What You Can Do: To ensure that a team overcomes this roadblock, they need to understand how to automate the testing process and connect the data and results across different technologies. An in-depth understanding of these processes will help weed out critical defects and reduce complexities while undergoing continuous testing. 

3 – Addressing the Results

As the continuous testing process goes on, there will come a time where there an immense amount of results will be produced. These results will render an extremely high amount of false positives. Looking into and analyzing these results may become tedious and highly time-consuming for the testing team.

What You Can Do: It may take time, but it pays to look into each result and take each one into consideration when making a release decision about your application or software products. 


It is often said that we are now living in the Digital Age. It is getting more and more difficult to please clients. Producing state-of-the-art software that is cutting edge enough to satisfy your clients can only be done when you continually improve your products. Following the tips mentioned above and working with a reliable, tried-and-tested QA team will help you make sure that your software is always at the top of its game. 

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