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Automation Testing

Essential Skills Every Top Automation Tester Must Have

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Most firms in the business software industry are moving towards accelerated and agile methodologies. One of the essential specializations in these companies is automation testing, replacing manual testing. Automation is also key to the business success of the software industry.

A professional who performs automation testing has many essential skills, which their managers must know before making a particular person head of automation testing. A few of these skills are listed below:

1. The Ability to Manage and Prioritize Tests

Managers want to know that their automation testers can handle multiple assignments simultaneously. As a professional, you must know how to prioritize, which is a successful automation tester’s essential skill. Allocate the tests so that the most important ones are executed first. For example, the tests that were left incomplete during the last sprint should be worked on first.

2. The Ability to Identify and Resolve Bugs

Managers should know that a successful automation tester can identify and resolve bugs. Only when a tester can identify the bugs and fix them can the company ensure that the product will be ready for production. They should be able to write automation scripts that identify and resolve bugs.

3. The Ability to Identify and Track Bugs

Managers want to know that their automation testers can identify and track new bugs in software. The testers must track bugs effectively to resolve issues as soon as possible.

4. The Ability to Identify and Understand the Business Requirements

Managers want to know that their automation testers have an in-depth understanding of the business requirements. This is important to create practical tests and meet the business goals.

5. The Ability to Write Automation Scripts

Managers want to know that their automation testers can write scripts ready for execution. A good automation tester must have the skill of writing precise, efficient, and effective automation scripts.

6. The Ability to Investigate Bugs

Managers want to know that their automation testers can investigate the cause of an issue. As a professional in the industry, you must master the art of investigating bugs. The managers want to find someone who can create tests and resolve issues.

7. The Ability to Write Test Scenarios

Managers want to know that their automation testers can write test scenarios clearly and effectively. Automation testers should be able to write compelling and thorough test scenarios.

8. The Ability to Use Automation Tools

Managers want to know that their automation testers can use QTP and Selenium effectively. QTP, Selenium, and other types of automation tools are used to test a software package, and you must be aware of the importance of these tools.


Automation testing is a niche specialization in the business software industry. It is one of the essential specializations because it helps a software company save time and money. Automation testing has a huge industry, and it is growing worldwide. 

Therefore, automation testing is an essential specialization that the software industry employs today. The software industry’s future depends on automation testing, which is why managers must know the skills of a qualified automation tester before offering them a job.

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